Wednesday, September 21, 2011


When its hot around here...
the laptop I work on sort of melts down.
Its old, sits on the patio where the heat is present and we all know that computers do not like heat.
I don't like heat!
But the fact of the matter is that here is where we are
and when the weather is warm, 
it refuses to cooperate.

It suddenly shuts down.
I suppose its better than blowing up.
But it makes blogging a bit dicey.
I never know if I will get to finish a piece or not before it clicks off...
let alone visit blogs that I want to read.

So not much is going on here.
There was one tiny thing worth a giggle though...
When Turkey was here visiting us
one of his favorite things to do is take a bubble bath.
Being the good mommy she is, Bear sat on the closed toilet
while he played in the tub.

The man and I were in the kitchen.
Roxy wanted a "cookie".
She knows the rules for getting one;
sit and take the cookie very gently...
then take the cookie outside to eat... not on the rug.

She sat, she delicately accepted her cookie and ran for the rug.
The man shouts at her
"Hey! You get outside!"

In the bathroom Turkey turns to his mom and says
"Ut-oh, grandma's in trouble!"

I miss that kid.
He makes me laugh.

Fall is suppose to fall on Friday.
here it looks like an extended summer instead.

I'm ready for the smell of wood smoke
and burning leaves... though they don't allow you to burn leaves here.
I'm ready for crisp morning walks that get you moving to stay warm.
I've been seeing pumpkins on vines.
Soon we'll be waiting for the ring of the door bell...
and the giggles of trick or treaters.
They do still do that here.

I just hope that Roxy doesn't scare them too badly.
She loves to bark at the door.

Otherwise the only other thing going on here are more 
dumpster funerals.
The mouse count is up to eleven.
So it goes.


  1. That's so funny - get out of here! Here we are finally having summer. I get to wear skirts and sleeveless shirts. I don't seem to ever have a Fall, so at least I'll celebrate finally having a summer.

  2. i thought about rules like that for ruby but a light went on in my head, i have a fucking kirby vacuum cleaner!

  3. NoRegrets- We don't have much of a fall here either as near as I can tell in the two years I've been here. Up in DPH we had a brief but colorful fall before the ice monster would arrive.
    As for down your way, I used to love the foggy mornings. Its like the whole city is wearing a mask.

  4. billy pilgrim- We have central vacuum... the kind that you hook a hose up to the wall. I love it almost as much as I used to love my Kirby. They clean better than anything!
    It's not so much cookie crumbs of the dog biscuit type, it's those dratted pig ears! The kind she loves are smoked and oily. Just not worth dragging out the steam vac every time she has a treat. She's too spoiled. I'd be steaming my life away.
    BTW he's not really shouting at her... he's just a loud person. I also think its kind of a game to her... to see if she can sneak past him.

  5. Summer is sticking around a few extra days here as well. It is supposed to get up to 96 tomorrow. Sweet sassy molassey. I think Tank, Kyle, and I are going to work on our tan and hit the pool. Have a good weekend.