Saturday, September 17, 2011


Welcome to another edition of SSS...
our word today is 
 As you know...
silly rabbits live in holes in the EARTH.
This pic found here:
at a very cute site made by 
Mr. Dagley's 1st grade class.
Unlike Peter Rabbit...
I don't want to risk stealing from 
Mr. McGreggor.
I prefer to do till my own 
 As you can see, its very stoney...
good thing silly rabbits know how to dig!
That is it for photos for me today.
But I would like to mention the obvious...
Everyone, all the silly rabbits, etc.
live here on Mother EARTH...
though, speaking as a creature who is "prey" and does not attack other creatures,
not always in harmony.

Currently my EARTH revolves around
college football on Saturdays...
so I'm off to sit back,
nibble veggies,
and watch the games!

I hope you are doing something enjoyable today.


  1. haha! I should have known a Silly Rabbit would know all about EARTH :-)
    Hope you enjoy your games!

  2. laura b.- Thanks. I do have fun with this stuff!

  3. I love the earth. I was one of the dirtiest kids ever ;-)

    As for football, I will watch my college USF Bulls only if there aren't any professional games to watch. I'm bad that way. I prefer to watch the BUCS.

    Since you bring up the earth, I feel I should share my earthworm story. When I was very little, I could dig up very large earth worms where I lived. I used to dip them in water and roll them up in the dirt in an effort to make
    croquettes. It was constant work because they would wiggle out of their wrapping and have to be re-rolled. Hard work, but somebody had to do it.

  4. Cube- LOL! Those wrigglers! You just have to roll them and roll them. =:]
    I used to try and save every worm I saw in a puddle after the rain. I'd pick them up and dry them off and set them in a drier spot on the lawn. I don't know if it helped, but it was a mission.

  5. After hearing your story, I feel strange. You saved worms and I prepared them for being croquettes. Isn't that a prerequisite for becoming a serial killer? ;-)