Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Before I knew that Squeaky was coming for a visit,
we had made plans to go to a Duck away game party.
My MIL also informed us that she had met a wood carver that she
wanted me to meet and had arranged to go to his home/ work shop
on Sunday.

Squeaky is not what you would call a social animal.
He's more of the modern computer nerd version of a hermit.
Since he left school a couple of years ago,
his social life changed greatly.
Most of his contacts are online as the kids in DPH tend to get out of town as fast as they can after graduation to begin adult lives or go to school.
If he sees humans, its mostly family.
Upon his arrival I asked if he would be comfortable with going to the game party.
He gave the expected response.
Not really.
This surprised the man who thought that food, if nothing else would draw a kid to a party.
But Squeaky has food issues and rules and none of those that would be offered are foods that he can eat.
He's also not a people person and shy.

But he said he would be fine alone in the house.

I called my MIL and asked if we could postpone the visit to the wood carver's.
She saw no reason for this at all... there was enough room in the car and
the boy would enjoy seeing the guy's work... 
so no, she would not call and try to arrange another day.
She is under the delusion that I will become a successful... as in money making... wood carver.
Its what she would like me to do.
I would like to carve for the pleasure of carving.
Once money is involved, it ceases to be fun and becomes work.
I do not share the delusion.

I was a bit frustrated here.
This is my youngest son, who I no longer see very often.
I was only going to have him for two days and both days
had events that I felt were not as important as visiting with my son.
He did not take a bus all the way here to go to other people's homes where he would feel uncomfortable.
He came to visit me.

So I opted out of the game party.
That gave me an evening alone with my son to visit and enjoy.
Besides, I knew that Todd would understand.
Family is at the top of his list too.
Off the man went to enjoy the party.

Squeaky and I had a fabulous time.
He loves a particular Quiznos sandwich, so we got those for our meal.
I was just about to bite into mine, when he said he had something that he wanted me to see and give my opinion on.
He pulled a folded piece of paper from his wallet and handed it to me.
It was a prolog.
Squeaky is writing a book!

I read it and then the first chapter of his book.
Squeaky was good in language arts in school.
Very good.
He wrote his first chapter book in 4th grade.
His teacher took me aside at the time and told me that he had 
what she considered a real talent for writing that should be developed.
That was the path his education took.
But about a year before graduation, he stopped talking about writing for a living and began to worry about a real career.
He didn't want to go into technical writing or journalism.

Its his life.
I assumed that he had moved on from that dream.
I won't tell you what the book is about or give quotes.
That's his baby.
But I will tell you this.
I was impressed by his writing...
far and away much better than my drivel, well paced, well thought out.
His wording is clever and often surprising.

We discussed his work.
I made some minor suggestions... because I am not the writer that he is.
Then we talked about a plot issue he had concerning the second chapter.
We talked about characters traits and habits.
We bounced ideas off each other.
I think it is one of the most sublime times I have ever spent with this boy.
I'm so glad that I stayed home and did not miss it.

Its funny how we make assumptions about our children...
who or what they will be.
Squeaky has said from kindergarten that he wanted to be a writer.
I even have a paper he did where he wrote that then.
I don't know why the idea that he would write left my head,
but it did.

I should have had a clue when I saw his college classes.
All are language arts classes that will involve much writing in various forms.
But it did not ring a bell in my dull brain.
This came to me as a very happy surprise.

I know... we all think our kids are special and talented.
I write for fun and am no great writer.
But I am an avid reader and I have seen good, bad and wonderful
Squeaky's 4th grade teacher was right.
The boy has talent.
I am thrilled that he is going to do this.
I think he has a real chance at going somewhere with it.
And I had one of the best nights of my life 
sharing his work and thoughts with him.

Now how cool is that?


  1. That's so great! And you know, you are a good writer so he must be GREAT. I love moments like those - they don't happen too too often with nieces and nephews... but it's great when it does.

  2. NoRegrets- Thank you for the compliment. I honestly do think that he his talent will grow even more in school and through experience. I am so excited for him because he truly loves writing and its good to do what you love.
    Moments like that are so rare. They arrive unexpectedly. They are treasures.

  3. I'm glad you stuck to your guns and spent the time with your son. Having a love of writing AND the talent to write makes your son a very fortunate man. Godspeed to him. I hope you keep us in the loop.