Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Sadly, my Ducks took a dive and lost.
Not the kind of dive where you purposely go down.
The reasons were fairly simple...
too many turn-overs.

Its a shame too.
This was the first game and a truly big game.
#3 vs #4 in the nation standings...
but at this point in the year, standings don't mean much yet.
Wait until we are over a month into it.

So we took on a very strong opponent our first game of the season.
Last year we lost some of our strongest players
to graduation.
I'm guessing that most teams had likewise troubles.
Our best receiver had a big brain fart last June
and decided to drive 186 MPH down the freeway...
naturally he got caught.
Head Coach Chip Kelly is not one to ignore issues like that.
So, Cliff Harris was benched for this first game.
How it would go with less experienced players was anyone's guess.
Though it is not fair to blame it all on any one player...
and I am not making excuses here.
We lost because we screwed up!

On the bright side...
A couple of new young men did some wonderful things
that give me high hopes for the season.
DeAnthony Thomas...
do not confuse him with Darren Thomas our QB...
did a fantastic job with a few goofs to be expected of a young player.
I look for great things there.
Another "walk-on" local fella also gave us some great moves.
His name is Justin Hoffman.

I am not afraid of the coming game this week.
I suspect that my Ducks will win.
Our standing will fall of course...
but like I said it is early in the season and not so important now.
It is true that to lose your first game and still get into
the nationals is very rare.
I think it has happened 3 times.

Right now, I'm shooting for the Rose Bowl and being
undefeated in the Pac 12.
Time will tell.

As for other things...
its been quiet around here.
I got a puzzle at a yard sale for a buck and delighted myself putting it together...
1500 pieces in two days.
That created jigsaw fever.
So the man bought me a new puzzle that is smaller.
Its a bunch of electric colored beetles on a 3-D field.
My eyes are going blind!

This week the Bear will come down for her birthday.
She has instructed me that since she made my wedding cake...
that I am to make her the ultimate 
fancy birthday cake
and a diner to die for.
Chocolate cake, cream cheese filling and whipped cream frosting
with fresh strawberries should do the trick.
The man has taken on the task of a barbecue.
This time of year...
there is no other diner to die for.


  1. did i read that right? 186 mph!

    sounds like starbuck in a viper.

  2. billy pilgrim- You did indeed read that right. Isn't that something? Zooooooooommmm!

  3. NoRegrets- There is nothing finer!

  4. billy pilgrim- I cannot tell a lie! Actually it was only 118 MPH. But still way too fast. =;)

  5. I had an evil puzzle like that once. It was round, and the picture was a mess of jelly beans. The only help was the edge and, in the center, the words "jelly beans" spelled out in black ones. Yikes.

    I gave up. The tics eventually subsided ;-)

  6. That cake sounds wonderful.

    My mother is a puzzle fiend and I once gave her a puzzle that had irregular edges and several extra pieces thrown in just as torture!

  7. I can't walk past a puzzle being assembled without getting involved... the more fiendish the better. I haven't done one in years though. No time :-(