Thursday, August 11, 2011


This has to be the best bar "blessing" I've ever seen.
I stole this off of another blog or site... can't recall where though...
I beg a thousand pardons for its use and ask forgiveness...
rather than a law suit.
(Maybe it was from Churlita!)

I don't know if its summer time or what...
But blog world has fallen on more empty times these days.
I'm guessing that the kiddos are out of school
and vacations have interrupted posting.
Or perhaps some of you have come to your senses enough to want to experience
the real world.
I have no problem either way.
Just enjoy what you are doing okay?

Not much going on down in the hole... 
which means I will fill this with dribble.

Today we are donating the now repaired Mr. Mower
to join the fight in cancer research.
That ought to use up an hour max.
Later T will come over...
he and the man have a new side job building another cabinet.
That will make life interesting.
Beer and power tools!
Measure twice and cut once...

If I see anything interesting out there...
I'll be back tomorrow.
If not...
hopefully better dribble.


  1. Yup. I took that at the Irish hotel in Galena. It's fine that you reposted. It is a great blessing.

  2. Churlita- I loved it when I saw it! And now I recall clearly the post. Thanks for not being mad that I took it. =:)

  3. 'Tis a wonderful blessing indeed!

    I've been slow here because I'm having a heck of a time posting since my Internet Explorer had its last update. I can post on your site only on my old computer and only if it's running Mozilla. Thank goodness for progress, eh?

  4. Cube- You actually are my most faithful reader. Big grins! And sadly, it seems that other folk have the same issue as you do with their update not letting them get here. Big, big frown!

    Thanks for continuing to try. It wouldn't be the same here without you!

  5. I hope they fix this problem soon. To me it's just an inconvenience, but I have no idea how others are getting around it if they don't happen to have an old second computer.

    I've tried support, but basically that's just a forum for posting questions that may or may not be answered by other forum members. So far, none of the solutions have worked.

  6. I've had to scale back on blogging - not enough time in the day!

  7. Yeah, life. Taking time off means less time to take to blog and must work and look for jobs. Miss you though!