Wednesday, August 17, 2011


It is my habit on pay day to treat myself to breakfast out.
Yes, I am aware that I have a clubhouse sandwich above...
because when I got to the chain restaurant,
that is what sounded good.
I figured that I could eat half of it and take the other half home to
the man, who's habit is to snooze longer than I.
So I ordered it and then sipped my cup of coffe,
poured from my own mini pot
and worked on my puzzle.
The sandwich arrived in due time.
Without thinking much about it, I took a bite
and filled in a word on my puzzle.
It tasted good... very good... but wrong.
I took a second bite.
I peered at it.
Ah ha!
There was no turkey on it.
I called the waitress over and pointed out that no turkey
lay between my bread.
Blink, blink.
"Well I guess it's a BLT then."
"But I ordered a clubhouse and it has turkey."

She glanced uneasily at the kitchen window.
She whispered that the cook is a dick.
I pointed out that the BLT costs two dollars less.
She offered to take two dollars off.
I got up and walked to the counter and waved at the cook.
I told him that my turkey was missing.
He grunted an apology and accepted the plate back.

I rarely ever send anything back.
But darn it... I wanted a clubhouse.
I went back to my coffee and puzzle.

The manager decided to bring me my sandwich...
except she gave it to the woman the next table over...
who thanked her for it...
then passed it to me.

What a strange day this is going to be.
Hope your hump day is a happy one!


  1. What you want is often more important than money! Glad you got your club... house.

  2. NoRegrets- Now that is a true statement! And I really wanted a clubhouse. I now give myself only one treat per week with the healthy living thing... and that was my one treat. By golly, I was going to have it.

  3. wow, you're getting as tough as roxy!

  4. Dang, what's a girl gotta do to get a complete club sandwich?!

    My mom once asked for a plain cheeseburger when we ordered through a fast food restaurant. They gave her a sandwich with nothing in it except cheese. It didn't even have meat on it.

  5. haha! Good thing you handled it and got your treat. Sounds like that waitress needs to take a lesson or two in standing up to people (like the cook!)

  6. I don't like sending food back because I fear retaliation from the kitchen, but I will do it if the food is not something I want to eat. I think you were right in sending the BLT back. Too bad the waitress didn't have a spine.

    Once at a Taco Bell drive-thru, we ordered a bean burrito with just cheese (my daughter didn't want onions or spicy sauce). The attendant replied, "No bean?", and she wasn't joking.

  7. billy pilgrim- Ha. Not really. But I have worked with jerks in the past and wanted my turkey but did not want to get the waitress in a pickle with the cook. I knew he had to be nice to me.
    I think maybe they were having just one of those days where things go wrong.

  8. theeclecticspaghetti- Ha! No meat? People don't think sometimes. That is funny.

  9. laura b.- I really wanted the turkey. If he'd forgotten the bacon, I probably wouldn't even have noticed. =:]
    I felt sorry for the waitress. She was very small and quiet. The kind of person who doesn't really meet your eyes. She couldn't have been more than 18.

  10. Cube- It was sort of a weird situation. No one was on their game. I'm guessing the waitress was at her first job ever. She'll get a spine eventually or quit.

    No beans on a bean and cheese burrito? Ha.

    Probably not connected to my sending my sandwich back... I did get sick last night. I think the man gave me his stomach bug. Ick.

  11. A bean and cheese burrito without bean is an example of what theeclectic spaghetti's mom got except we were able to correct it before the fact. Talk about some slow thinkers.

  12. Well, I guess you know where NOT to go back to. How strange. The manager should have given you the sandwich, apologized and either taken something off of the price or given you a coupon to come back. Bad manager.

  13. Cube- I think working in the fast food industry on the counter must do that to people. Not a job I want.

  14. Churlita- Near as I could tell, none of the people working there were on the ball. The really funny thing was that when I went to pay my check, the manager was the one who took my money. When she asked me how my meal was, I just laughed and told her to have a good day.
    While I was waiting for my sandwich the manager was telling another man about transferring to a different location. I'm thinking she had burn out on this one.

  15. i think ya slipped down he rabbit hole for sure in that place!

  16. I'm always too afeared to send anything back in case they do something unmentionalble to it's replacement, before I get it!

    I've had some terrible posting problems recently, but Google and I have kissed and made up, and whey-hey, I'm baaaaaaaack again (grin).