Wednesday, November 2, 2011


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How cute is that pic?

He picked a loaf of bread up from the store shelf.
He sighed as I said "Ick."
9:30 in the morning out running errands...
when he should be getting bedded down for his night.

Off we go to the frozen food section.
Too late for me to cook a normal diner for him from scratch...
today it made sense.
But lately there have been too, too many frozen entrees.
Way too many sandwiches.
For both of us.

We only manage to eat together on his weekends.
Week days we eat opposite on the clock.
Fending for ourselves,
we have taken the easy outs.

I left him browsing Stoffer offerings.
We met at the check stand line...
he had a meatloaf meal in his hand.
I had chicken thighs, soups
and fresh veggies in my little hand basket.

"For tomorrow." I said.
I made him a set in stone vow.
Tomorrow I will eat diner at my normal breakfast time.
We will sit with real plates and eat real food...

Makes sense to me.
I can eat a big morning meal and work off the calories in my day.
A nice sturdy diner meal will help him to catch the zzzzs that have been so elusive.
One of many adjustments we are having to make.

I tossed his frozen meal into the oven and set about attacking
another villain...
light in his sleeping chamber.

He's got so much stuff packed away in the cupboards and chests.
While he was single... his mom picked out his sheets.
I like light and airy colors on my bed.
The blanket closet was overflowing with...
manly colors.
Black and brown were out.
I didn't want to look at depressing.
I opted for a nice dark forest green...
mostly because MIL had accidentally purchased two top sheets.

Down came the manly muted purple, brown and green 
weird patterned valances over the blinds.
I draped the sheets over the rod and adjusted the volume evenly.
A quick fix.
But the stripe on the wide edge makes them look like a panel.
It will do for now.
The tiny bathroom window blazed like a star.
The man pulled the pocket door shut to the bath
and true darkness fell.
Cool beans!

C4C told me recently that I had just begun a great adventure...
of surprising discoveries.
These aren't exactly the sort of discoveries I had in mind,
but we certainly have our share of things to figure out about our life together.

Much arrives unexpectedly.
Like the graveyard shift.

Shift gears... make adjustments...
set the cruise control.
Life in a nutshell.


  1. Ugh. I worked the night shift way back when, 10 pm - 7 am. If nothing else, it made me realize that those folks standing outside the liquor store, or as we call it, the "packy," weren't necessarily all just a bunch of hardcore drunks.

    I never adjusted, either. Sun nite through Thu, night sched, weekends, out with my friends day sched.

    I once left work Fri am and went right to the beach, fell asleep, and got a burn worse than I've ever had... almost a hospital trip. Yikes.

  2. Cricket- OUCH! I had one of those burns... made me puke it was so bad.
    Yeah, it is weird to fix him a drink at 9:00AM. I don't dare join him or my day would go down the tubes!
    As it turned out our morning diner was great... venison cooked in red wine with mushrooms, red onions and red bell peppers. I creamed the sauce with IMO and half and half and drizzled it over our baked potatoes and added a nice green salad. I found that it was hard for me to eat a rich meal so early, but that meant that I ate less, which is not a bad thing. The best part was spending the time together talking.

  3. who does roxy sit beside when eat together?

  4. billy pilgrim- Roxy has wonderful manors when it comes to meal times. She sits about four feet away and pretends not to notice what we are doing. But the second one of us gets up from the table, she follows because we both leave treats for her on our plates... and she knows that it's her turn.

  5. Dinner sounded yummy and you were very sweet to make it at an absurdly early hour. The man is lucky to have you helping him through the night shift blues.

    Roxy sounds very well behaved regarding food. We handled the problem by training our dogs (even my niece dog) to stay out of the dining room because we didn't want them begging during dinner.

    They can't seem to keep their noses out of the trash, however, but that's another lesson.

  6. It's pretty cool you're willing to make such big adjustments for his schedule. Sounds like you love him. :)

  7. Cube- It felt weird, but I like doing things that make him happy and he's great about appreciating what I do.

    Roxy is so smart. Especially where goodies are the reward. Her only real problem for us is when she gets over excited and crashes into things while running gleefully at top speed in the house.

    Ha. I saw the funniest video over at secret agent woman's blog of an English Mastiff that got into the trash. You ought to look it up. Its priceless.

  8. 3GirlKnight- Yes I do, very, very much. I wake up every day and ask myself what I can do today that will make him happy... a little something he is not expecting. He does the same for me.

  9. The graveyard shift is definitely hard on relationships. Before the wife and I were married, we worked different hours and did not get to see much of each other. I was fortunate to get a job with banker's hours before we got hitched. I hope you and the man make the necessary adjustments. Take care.

  10. That bites. With the guy I'm seeing, right now we see each other one evening a week. Bleck.