Friday, November 4, 2011


Last month, my in-laws took us to meet a chainsaw carver
that they had met recently.
Since its the weekend,
I thought it might be nice to show you some of the pics I took of the man's work.
What's that you say?
Yay!  A shorter post!

A turtle!
This man's yard was filled with fun and whimsy.

I could use a handy bear like this one.

This one brought up a question...
were those antlers or ears?

 Not bad for a chainsaw.

Turkey Vulture anyone?

  This was the man's favorite.

 This chicken was my favorite.

The man who carved these was very nice.
He showed me how to use the chainsaw and how he blocks out the pieces.
He even gave me a frog that was blocked out to finish
with my carving knives.
 Inside his wonderful house...
he has other carvings of wood and soapstone.
He gave me a chunk of soapstone to try carving...
since I already carve with knives and a knife is the tool for this.
They were the nicest people... he and his wife.
They have gone south for his cancer treatment for a few months...
and invited me to return 
when they get back home and he's had some rest.

Meanwhile, the in-laws cut down 
a few of their incense cedar and red wood trees.
I've asked for some tall pieces...
and some smaller ones of 2 to 3'.

I'm hoping to find a nice small chainsaw soon.
One that won't take a WWW guy to operate.

Have a great weekend everybody!


  1. oh those are such fun pieces! thanks so much for sharing them here. i think the moose is my favorite. :) good luck with the chainsaw carving!

  2. Those are great. I was going to ask if it was all chainsaw, but you answered that. Still, pretty detailed stuff. That cowboy is something, esp if it's one single block with all that space carved in.

    Chainsaw carvers come to the local fairs to demo and sell... fun to watch, though it seems they're forever doing the standard bear. Not always, though.

    They make great, lightweight, little chainsaws that would probably suit you fine. I got acquainted with one after the hurricane. Be careful though (duh), but still....

  3. Almost didn't want to come in here, considering that title and what, with me being homophobic and all.

    Glad I did! Those are awesome. I like the eagle too. And just a word to the wise...keep your chain sharp and pay attention. Those will eliminate the 2 most dangerous aspects of a chainsaw.

  4. Wow. Impressive stuff indeed. Thanks for sharing. I think if I had the means, I would pick the moose.

  5. that turtle must be worth a fortune!

  6. Those are amazing pieces of work. I love the elephant! Can't wait to see what you create with your little chainsaw :)

  7. lime- Thanks. It probably won't be until spring that I pick up a chainsaw. I still want to work on my hand carving skills. I did not do this man, his work or his home justice. It was an amazing place with gardens that were separate rooms and you worked your way through them on paths that rambled. Amazing.

  8. Cricket- You're right about most of the chainsaw folk using bears as a standard. The thing I liked most about this guy's stuff is that they have such personality and variety. He's not just doing three styles of bears.

    The cowboy is out of one piece of wood. Incense cedar. But some of his largest pieces are put together in parts...kind of like those awful wooden brain teaser puzzles, then carefully pegged on the one piece that releases the other bits. I can't imagine figuring out how to do that.

    He had me hold, start and test the cutest little chainsaw I have ever seen! Then showed me how you can change the blade part the chain moves around. Different "bars" I think he called them, do different things. Narrow to do detail and inside the ears, etc.

  9. 3GirlKnight- Ha! I love to play with words. =;]

    Thanks for the advice on keeping it sharp and staying focused. I asked him if he had ever slipped and cut himself. He not yet. But he still worries about it after all this time. You can never be too careful. I'm going to listen to you both!

  10. Mr. Shife- My MIL managed to get a carving by making a deal to give him wood in exchange. The moose stands about 5.5 feet tall. He's got such a fun face. Your K wold have had a blast running around there discovering all the different creatures.

  11. billy pilgrim- There is another pic that I took of a turtle in progress that is cool. Its half log, half turtle. Kind of neat that way, still raw and unfinished.

  12. secret agent woman- The fish is wonderful. I like to feel things. Soapstone doesn't feel cold like you might think. It is warm and almost soft to the touch. You can scratch it with your finger nail.

    The man looked at my chunk of soapstone and declared that he wanted a fish. A trout. So I am looking for some good pics of trout. Then I'll pass it on to Santa for delivery. But don't tell the man.

  13. laura b.- Aren't the elephants fun? The mama one is very tall and big, the baby comes up to about my chest. I like the way they have weathered and the grain pops out. They stand in a mini jungle right next to an outdoor sitting room. I could see me sitting there with a cup of tea reading a good book.

  14. I so want a chainsaw bear!!! Excellent sculpture.
    I tried soapstone carving when I was in Zimbabwe. It's so soft it's fun to play with. Everyone has an inner sculptor...

  15. NoRegrets- That will have to be a bit late for Christmas I'm afraid. Hee hee.
    I love the way soapstone feels! Soft and silky.
    I think you are right. We do all have an inner sculptor. I think doing anything creative is good for us.

  16. Nice wood! Heh heh.

    It reminds me of living in N. California. There were all kinds of chainsaw sculptures in Humboldt Co.