Sunday, November 13, 2011


I know, you all aren't into my Ducks like I am.
I'll try to be brief.

Bear's family left early yesterday morning.
We were a bit tired, to say the least.
But in a very happy way.

By the time our evening game began
we were pretty darned pooped.
I wasn't sure that either of us would make it through the game.

But the Ducks started out hot...
and jump started our energy level into high gear.
This was supposed to be the game 
between the two best PAC 12's top teams.

Even Lee Corso picked Stanford to win!
Unbelievable to us.
Lee is usually one of our biggest supporters.

The long and the short of it
is that the Ducks won.
Both teams played good games.
It was a heck of a good game to watch.
No one can blame the refs.
No one can say they didn't both have the talent on the field.

Of course the "duck farts" helped elevate our joy.

I've never had a duck fart before...
very tasty!

One third each;
Bailey's Irish Cream
Crown Royal
in a shot glass.

Kind of reminded me of an old Happy Days episode
where Ritchie comes home sloshed
tells dad he had beer but they were in 
"teeny weeny glasses".
Dad asks him how many he drank.
No, we didn't drink 57 duck farts.
But they did sneak up on me!
Holy crap.
I have not had a hangover in over 30 years.
I still keep that record...
but I think I got closer than I like.
Duck Farts are dangerous.
But seem so innocent.
Today is a quiet day.
The man is sleeping and I'm moving slowly.
But its not a bad day despite the rain.

That was something funny one of the announcers said.
He was talking about how Stanford was in their own
house... and though it was raining, 
they should be used to that there with real grass.
But it was the Ducks who didn't seem to be having any
trouble playing in the rain.

Well duh.
Oregon stays green because it is a wet state.
Our fellas take to it like...
like Ducks to water.
I Guess Andrew Luck doesn't walk on water after all.


  1. Duck Farts?!? I never heard of that one. Sounds tasty, after a fashion, but the name is a bit off-putting.

    My favorite cocktail name is, I think, The Mind Eraser, which, if I remember right, is a vodka & kahlua with a splash of soda, that you drink as a shot through a straw.

  2. p.s., for the record, my usual is a Powers over ice. I believe I may go pour one now ;-)

  3. Cricket- Ha! Yeah, the name isn't very tasty sounding.

    I haven't tried The Mind Eraser... but knowing me, I would like that one. Any kahlua and vodka combo is right up my alley. But sounds like it might be dangerous too.

    I am not familiar with Powers. ?

  4. Good post! And why wouldn't Ducks play well in the water? I've heard of them, but haven't had a duck fart before. Maybe I should try one.

  5. 3GirlKnight- Thanks. Duck Farts are yummy but they sneak up on you!

  6. duck farts, if that isn't nice what is?

  7. billy pilgrim- It was almost way too nice.

    I'm betting you knew what "Powers" is. I had to have Cricket explain it.

  8. billy pilgrim- It was almost way too nice.

    I'm betting you knew what "Powers" is. I had to have Cricket explain it.