Sunday, November 6, 2011


Its that time of year again...
Though I guess I'm lucky not having to be
anywhere at any set time.
I can doze when I want.
The glide into the new time slot
will be mild for me this year.
I grumble.
I don't like the time changes.

All in all the weekend was great.
Pretty much just the man and me...
no visitors.
Ordering pizza in.
Lazy days watching college football.
Romance too.
Ooh la la!
Living off left over pizza the next day.
I'd say that is the perfect weekend.

My Ducks won against the Huskies of Washington U.
It was a fun game to watch.

But I think the most interesting game of the weekend
had to be Oregon State

For all the hoopla about Stanford
and Andrew Luck,
who truly is an incredible quarter back
destined to be the Heisman winner this year...
The Beavers gave them a real hassle!

You have to understand that Stanford is ranked 4th
in the nation before this game.
Oregon State is not ranked.
They've had a fairly lousy year.
It should have been an easy win for the Cardinals.

The Beavers held Stanford too long for a team that highly ranked.
For almost 3/4 of the game,
the Beavers had a chance to do damage that might 
They in fact made a touch down early on...
that should have been counted, 
but wasn't over ruled after review.

I say should have because it was a question of
causing "intentional" harm to another player.
I did not see any intent to harm,
only an unfortunate case of both players dipping
at the same time and a collision of shoulders.
I think the Beaver player dipped to avoid such a hit.
Sadly so did the other player.
That's my opinion.

In normal circumstances,
I believe the damage to the player who was hurt
would have been much less to a player that was not previously and seriously injured.

It is unfortunate for the player who was hurt
that he had already had two big concussions
in this season...
and one of those just the week before.
It was not very responsible of his coaches to allow him
even to play so soon.
Possibly not even at all.

Concussions are compound injuries.
They don't get better.
The damage sustained stays
and any subsequent 
damage is piled on top of the previous damage,
adding to the injury.
So what may be a good slam and not do damage
can certainly do far worse damage
to a previous head injury.
He was taken away by ambulance.
I imagine that young man's football
days may have come to an end.
But I don't believe that the Beaver player intended harm.
Not mine to call.

You follow the ref's decision.
The game went on.

There was clear aggression against the Beaver who
was involved in that injury...
a very obviously intended 
"face mask" wrenching.
(any part of the helmet grabbed is considered face mask)

That fellow's head jerked around sideways.
Yes, there was a flag and a penalty.
Stanford couldn't play for crap for a while.
Emotional upset I guess.

Stanford is a very good team
who did not play anything near their best.
They should have slaughtered OS!
They got by with only 38  total points.
If they play this badly next week,
I don't see how the Ducks will have any trouble winning.

As for the Duck's game with them next week...
Well, I'd like to see better defence.
They will need it.
Stanford won't make the mistake of thinking it an easy win
and play sloppy.

Both Stanford and Oregon
are second half teams...
they play their best in the second half.
They wear the opponents down in the first half
with fast play.
I think it will be the PAC 12 game of the season.
May the best team win!

I'm a Duck fan to the end, no matter what.
I believe they can win and will make the corrections
needed to win.
Go Ducks!

If you're a Stanford fan...
pardon me for being a bit happy that they did play 
such a sloppy game.
And... that...
I'm all for seeing that again.



  1. it's a tough racket being a football player. out of all the pro sports football seems to be the one where the players get the short end of the stick. no guaranteed contracts but guaranteed brain damage. i saw a program stating that the average life expectancy of a lineman is under 60.

    i hate changing digital clocks. you only do it twice a year so you tend to forget what to do.

  2. billy pilgrim- My brother played football in high school and won a college scholarship for it. But he was injured and had to quit. It was a good thing that he had the grades to get regular scholarships when that suddenly ended. So it goes.

    I might add that while I am a raving football fan, I did not encourage my kids to play. They played softball, basketball... which really kills ankles and knees... and soccer. The Bear was on the regular team with the boys in soccer and got rookie of the year. Ha. Sports are great for kids, but football for mine did scare me.

  3. billy pilgrim- For most of the year our car clock is wrong because no one can remember how to set it. Ha. It'll be wrong now until the next change.

  4. Sounds like the perfect weekend. I love those sweet, quiet weekends at home...Except for the crazy football game.

  5. Churlita- It was nice just to enjoy each other and relax. Very sweet.

    I hate to see anyone get hurt. Last I heard he was ok, in that he has all his feeling in his extremities and seems normal.

  6. My brain gets confused when people start talking about sports, soooo...

    Yes! I hate switching time back and forth twice a year!

  7. secret agent woman- I know, sports are not for everyone.
    I really think they need to do away with the time change. I mean, seriously!