Saturday, November 26, 2011


Little N and her creepy friend.

Two days of cooking, cleaning and some
frustrating last minute schedule changes...
dishes done, food given away or divided into containers...
and all the cheerful good-byes.
Thanksgiving is over for another year.

Yesterday we lazed around and recovered.
I think that's where left-overs
get a warm fuzzy place in my heart.
We did babysit that cheerful little gal up there.
But she isn't much trouble.

Today is a special Duck day!
Our 115th  civil war with the Beavers.
The high emotions make it a real wild card
sort of battle...
anyone can win, 
no one should be counted out.
Go Ducks!

I had a minor disappointment today...
We thought the Bear's family 
would be stopping in on their way home
from San Diego.
But, alas...
it wasn't meant to be.
They will be back before Christmas.

The sun has decided to shine
for the second day in a row... yay!

We are fat with toast.

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!


  1. very cute kiddo. glad you got to bask in post holiday glow. sorry there's a wait for bear's family.

  2. lime- She is a cutie pie! As it turned out, Bear and family decided to stop for a late lunch and short visit after all. I think all the road travel was getting to them. I was happy to share the leftovers. It was a great day!

    Later we had a visit from the man's oldest and his wife. That was equally nice, as they were not able to come for the holiday. =:]

  3. Is that a crawdad in her hand?

    I'm glad it went well in spite of some frustrations for you.

  4. secret agent woman- Unfortunately its a scorpion. Ick!

    I think the frustrations come with most big meals like that no matter what. I did have a good time.

  5. I love it when the critter people come to schools and libraries with their creatures. Most of the kids have no preconceived fears and I'm jealous :) The afterglow is nice, isn't it? Aaaahhh....

  6. She looks so cute!!! Glad you had a good one...
    I didn't take home any turkey leftovers... alas!!!

  7. yup, thanksgiving is over now it's on to bigger and better things.....Xmas here we come!

  8. laura b.- Me too! I got to hold a baby gator once when OMSI brought a reptile show for the kids. I was amazed to feel that its belly was actually warm to the touch and very soft.

    N is not afraid of critters!

    The afterglow is always good.

    Pamela- No leftovers! Come on over, we'll fix you up!

    billy pillgrim- Yep. Its on the way!

  9. A scorpion? Now that's my kind of girl!

  10. Sounds like a lovely day, for the most part. I hope your man gets to start working again soon.

  11. A LIVE scorpion?!? Yikes! Not for me, thanks!

  12. Cube- I think from what I know, she is indeed your kind of gal. Ha!

  13. Cube- I think from what I know, she is indeed your kind of gal. Ha!

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  15. All- Oh dear... Blogger is stuttering again!

    Churlita- "If Kah wills it, there will be water."

    secret agent woman- Ha! Actually the larger the scorpion, the less scary they are (and not poisonous). Now if it was a spider... shiver!