Monday, November 21, 2011


A bear in progress.

I woke up this morning feeling slightly off.
Low blood sugar.
Feeling better, but slow.

An interesting weekend.
I got a text early Sat. morning saying
that Mikey P. was in the hospital in San Diego.
He had to have his appendix removed.
Bear was kind of freaked out.

Kind of interesting how they do that now...
they go in through a small incision in the belly button
and another lower one
where your tummy meets your lower body.
He had a two day recuperation time.
Today they are back on the road to Arizona.

Then came our Duck game.
We lost in the last 7 seconds.
A close nail biter of a game.
I have no complaints...
USC deserved the win, they earned it!
Their QB gets my vote for the Heisman...
if they would let me vote.

Yesterday the man worked on his 
"Murphy cabinet".
So called because everything that can 
possibly got wrong with this monster has happened.
But I am happy to 
report that it is nearly finished.
We can't wait for it to go away and live elsewhere.

That's it.
My brain is too dull to be creative.
Its Monday.


  1. i've had a sore throat from all the emphatic coughing i've been doing and putting slices of ginger in my tea isn't giving me the boost i was counting on. sometime this cursed mud ball of a planet can really get on my nerves.

  2. Sounds like an action-packed weekend. Ours was slow - cleaning the carpets for Thanksgiving kind of slow, but believe me, we've had our share of the action packed ones... I'd rather have the slow.

    Your Ducks lost and my Bucs lost... I hope it's not a pattern ;-)

  3. billy pilgrim- Oh I hope you can get that throat thing solved. Turns out my sluggishness is from a nasal virus. Now if I move too fast or bend over wrong, I get the spins. Meh. An annoying complaint.
    Ginger! Good thing you aren't one of the race!

    Cube- It was. But I'm with you... less action packed, more slow.
    Oh dear! I hope its not a pattern too!

  4. Did I miss something about the 'Murphy Cabinet'? What's that?

  5. I STILL want a chainsaw bear... someday.

  6. 3GirlKnight- The Murphy cabinet is a sewing machine cabinet that the man designed for his mother. She changed the original dimensions, then added shelves and hardware not originally included in the design. The troubles began with her buying the wrong wood and have just continued. Yesterday as he was about to finally finish it, one of his tool thingies broke... which means we have to buy another one to finish it. Just a nightmare from the get go! A regular cabinet project from hell.

  7. NoRegrets- They are so very cool! I am currently investigating tools, to see which ones I can handle. I tell you what... when I get my weapons and start in, I will make you one. That would be my pleasure. =:]

  8. Mr. Cube is a woodworker from way back. Years ago, I decided I wanted to try my hand at wood carving and he went out & got me my own carving tools. I cut my finger on my first project and I haven't used them since. That makes me a wuss in the carving world.

  9. Cube- Ha! I did the same thing... in carving class. But I'm not stranger to cutting myself up. Once a "fortune teller" at the fair told me that I would have lots of scars on my hands. She is right... though most of mine are from burns over the years. And really, who doesn't cut or burn their hands? Cooking does me in.

    You aren't a wuss! You just decided it wasn't for you. That's okay. You are a scientist... something I don't have the mind for. We all have our parts in the world. We all do what gives us satisfaction. =:]