Friday, November 11, 2011


I had the nicest surprise yesterday!
Bear, Turkey and Mikey P
dropped in for the night on their way down to Cal.
Bear called once they were on the road.
I'm always up for company.
I had just enough time to throw together
homemade chimmichangas 
and spanish rice.
They walked in the door as the goodies
were coming out of the oven.

I baked a peach pie earlier,
and had some cherry cobbler...
from a few days back.
We had a feast!

They had to leave early...
6:00 AM
so it was a short visit.
But they will stop by on their way back in a few weeks.

Bear brought my birthday present from
My birthday is not until Weds.

He was on his way to the post office to mail
it when his sister saw him and said she would drop it on her way.
Earlier in the day he had ridden on his bike
three miles to a newspaper stand...
for "wrapping paper"
AKA the funnies.

The funny papers were often used as wrapping
paper when he was growing up
when the gift wrap ran out.
It gave my gift a nostalgic feel.

In typical Squeaky style,
he covered all the edges in tape,
so that I would really have to work at getting inside it.
Once I did and read the word on the side of the box,
I said to Bear
"It can't really be that...
where would he get the money?"
I could not believe that was actually what it was!

A Kindle!
I have wanted one for a long time.
It brought tears to my eyes.
That boy is really something.
Later I got a text from Ex...
telling me that I would really like the new show
When I answered it, 
I told him what Squeaky got me.

He knew all about it.
He said that Squeaky had worked 
very hard to get the money...
doing handyman stuff for Roger,
who is kind of a big jerk and no fun to work for.
But Squeaky was determined.

Squeaky is like that. 
He sets his mind and follows through.

Later when I finally took it out of the box,
after everyone else had gone to bed,
I found this note inside.

"Happy birthday Mom.
I figured after all these years
it was time to give something back.
Sorry if this doesn't make it in time.
Call me and I'll email
you some books.
Love ya

That really triggered the water works.
I'll probably keep it 
long after the Kindle stops working
or becomes obsolete...
with his note tucked safely inside it's box.
I love and miss that boy.
I could not ask for a better son.

I wonder what books to get?
Got any ideas?



  1. ALL- Geezzzz... spam! Its never ending.

  2. Heh, heh... my favorite is Chinese porn-spam, they don't even pretend with the silly pseudo-comments.

    But really, a touching story. God bless yer boy. And now you've got me all hungry. I haven't had a chimichanga or peach pie in a million. Sadly, I ain't gonna now either, all those carbs y'see? But memories... memories.

    God bless the guy (it has to be a guy) who first threw a burrito into a deep fryer.

    I re-read a good book recently and thought of you, as I know you like sci-fi. I'll be surprised if it exists for kindle, but who knows

    The Cool War, by Frederik (?) Pohl. I think I got it in a box of mixed books at a yard sale way back. It was one of only a couple "keepers." I liked it anyway.

  3. Cricket- I know, no shame there!

    That's my baby and probably the most mature of all my kids. He's funny, quiet and deep. A good kid.

    Is that how you spell it? Ha! Thanks for the correction. I don't deep fry them. Almost as bad or worse, we dip them in butter to soften the tortillas and then bake them until crispy.
    They are a sin, and good for you for avoiding them! Carbs are evil and I need to avoid them.

    I like Frederik Pohl. Good reads. I will check into that. You never know what Squeaky can find.
    The boy is relentless.

  4. Ah, that's great. And in a weird bit of synchronicity, I was just posting about liking having an ereader.

  5. secret agent woman- I know, while you were commenting here, I was there leaving my comment.
    I love it when that happens. =:]