Monday, November 28, 2011


Two holidays down... one more to go.
Break time!

I decided to treat myself this year to a nice,
easy break.
I'm dedicating the days between now and the 1st of December
to taking it slow...
and doing one nice thing for myself and the man
each of those days.

Today its a nice long hot soak in the tub for me!
The man gets stuffed bell peppers, pilaf and fresh zucchini for diner.
A meal that does not include
one single left0ver!

I have no desire to brave the shopping crowds!
The best deals are between the 15th
and the 20th anyway.

Things are a bit tight for us this year.
The man was laid off just before Thanksgiving...
and that feast set us back
enough to buy 4 decent presents.
We don't know how long the lay off will last.
They said "hopefully not too long".


We decided not to get gifts for each other...
that can wait.
Our focus will be on the 5 grand kids...
and the 2 grand babies to be.
We decided to buy American.
That is not easy to do since most of the things
the kiddos want for Christmas are
not made here.
Leggos for example.

And we would like the toys to be not only 
made in the USA,
but the company corporate offices here as well.
If money is going to be shelled out into
the economy...
we want it to stay here,
not overseas.
So I'll be busy researching that.

But not until December 1st!
All things in due time.


  1. you deserve a longer break than a few days! you tosevites are always in too much of a rush.

    buying merchandise made in your not-empire is a good idea but what if the company is owned by some tea party supporter?

  2. Sending good job vibes your way. I know how much it sucks when you want to work and can't find a job.

    Good for you that you decided to buy American goods. I wish more people would do that.

    Hope you have a nice rest.

  3. Yeah. I only buy Christmas presents for kids. The Guy and I usually go on a weekend cross-country ski trip a month or so after Christmas as our gift to each other.

  4. I lie the idea of a break. For me the Christmas season starts December 1st, so I don't do any decorating or shopping before then. But I find myself looking forward to getting out the Christmas stuff.

  5. billy pilgrim- We are that way, for sure. BTW... my dear Fleet Lord, may I interest you in some gingerbread cookies?

    I don't suppose there is any way to know about who owns the company and what their politics are? My concern is to keep money at home. They say China is rubbing its hands over the billions and billions they will make off of us in the next month.

    We are building China's new middle class while we are destroying our own middle class.

    However, I am the first to admit that electronics are a non-USA purchase these days no matter what. But I'm not buying any.

  6. Cube- Thanks! I'm resting well. =:)

  7. Churlita- That is a good way to go these days. There is nothing that we really need these days anyway. A cozy weekend sounds like a great idea after the holidays.

  8. secret agent woman- I'm right there with you. I am excited and looking forward to it. In fact, while I rest, I've been doing Christmas writing... because that takes time. Otherwise, I have to wait on the rest. =:]