Tuesday, November 22, 2011


The list is made...
I'm about out the door to buy
Thanksgiving feast food.

Tomorrow will be a day of cooking and cleaning...
same as today.
I had a few thoughts...

Thanksgiving Comes First...

Last night on the news they were showing where to
buy Christmas trees!
they are popping up on the corners and in
otherwise vacant lots.

The lot attendant said
"It's a gray time of year, you know...
people want to bring that cheer into their houses
and make things bright as early as possible."

I say
"Bull spit!"

There are plenty of things you can do to
brighten up your home with a
Thanksgiving theme.

On top of that,
here is a bit of rational thinking.
Every year people have Christmas tree fires.
Why buy a tree so early
that you add weeks of extra drying out
time to increase that risk!

Someone is just plain greedy.

Thanksgiving Promises:

Today the shopping will be insane.
I know that going in.
I promise not to ram anyone with my cart.
Even if they are obnoxious, cut me off
or nab up the last item that I have to have.
There are other stores out there.

I promise not to buy all the added extras
so often displayed...
the special cakes, cookies, pies, etc.
When I can make my own with love for the people I love.

I promise I will eat before I shop.
So the extras are not so tempting.
And my stomach doesn't growl at the check stand.

I promise I will eat light for the next few days...
so that I can indulge on Thanksgiving,
and not feel guilt...
and have to come up with reasons not to eat
what someone brought to
add to our feast.
I think this might be rationalization,
but I stand by it.

I promise I will keep my baking schedule
so that I am not insane
by the time the turkey is placed on the table.

I promise I will make no new baking mess
until the last mess is clean.

I promise I will keep the spirit of
in my heart despite the frustrations
of preparing the feast,
last minute added guests,
or removed guests,
schedule changes due
to guest's work schedules,
dog foot prints on the clean mopped floor,
children underfoot,
and that crucial item not bought today...
that I can't do without.

I think
Wild Turkey
might be that spirit.
But again that might be rationalizing.
But its surely the best name for Thanksgiving spirits!



  1. All those promises. I bet you'll keep all of them.
    I will do a pretend Wild Turkey shot with you in the spirit of the season.
    Happy Thanksgiving, Wabbit!!

  2. Peggy- Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Cheers!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Silly Rabbit! Glad you aren't a Silly Turkey :)

  4. now that it's all past i'll sit down and crack open that bottle of wild turkey with ya ;)

  5. Haha, I'll drink to that! I am kinda' GLAD we don't celebrate Thanksgiving over here, Christmas is more than enough for me to cope with. I am also very, very grateful our supermarkets offer online shopping, as big a shop as we want, and deliver it directly into our kitchen, all correctly bagged up for unloading directly to the freezer, cupboard or fridge! The charge for this service is less than the cost of the petrol it would take for me to drive the two miles there and back. I HATE trolling through those aisles..!

    I'm betting you had a fab Thanksgiving, despite it all?

  6. Weirdly, in spite of my love for cooking, I was thankful to take more of an onlookers role this year. I was given a pass since I had to drive so far to attend.

  7. Shrinky- I have a friend here who has her groceries delivered. She orders on line and they show up. I should look into that.

    Oh yes! We had a great time!

    secret agent woman- Its hard for me to imagine you not whipping up something wonderful. Still, a nice day off from cooking while you are traveling must be a nice treat!

  8. Well, I'm here late, but I see that we both survived Thanksgiving. Yay for us!