Saturday, June 30, 2012


Welcome to Saturday Scavenger Shots Game!
Our word this week :


And what a fun word!
If you asked me what this word meant...
I'd say that turbulence happens when
two forces collide...
or it is a disturbance in air or water.

Turbulence is what you feel on an airplane
when it bumps or dips...
giving you that "ut-oh" feeling...
a sort of inner TURBULENCE...

But it can also be the thing that 
tickles through your hair on a windy day.

Isn't he a good sport?

Water TURBULENCE is what makes
the rivers pretty when water crashes into rocks.

when waves crash against the shore.

 TURBULENCE can be pretty cool.


    Social TURBULENCE is not so cool.

 the degree of tropical storms that writhe
and boil with TURBULENCE is
down right frightening!

Check out this pic at flickr

I hope you all are having a wonderful
and "scary TURBULENCE" free weekend.



  1. freedom is a word i rarely use....

    same goes for turbulence.

  2. billy pilgrim- Can't say I use the word that often either. But I do seem to have a lot of photos of it in my photo files. =:]

  3. Beautiful nature shots! I liked your various examples of "turbulence". You've been tagged, Ms. Silly Rabbit!

  4. Tara- Thank you. Oh dear... okay, I'm thinking!

  5. Great photos of turbulence! Especially your good sport :) And thanks for the new word...

  6. I expect turbulence on an airplane if the weather is nasty. I find clear air turbulence (CAT) even scarier because it can blindside you. That's when I up my adult beverage intake... of course, on a plane it doesn't take much for me to do that.

    The first time Mr. Cube & I flew together, I ordered two gin and tonics. The flight attendent started to walk away and I told her that was just my order. It got a few laughs all around.

    BTW turbulence always makes me think of flux. Another cool word.

  7. Great shots and a great take on the word.

  8. Enjoyed the blog and learning all about turbulence. I will do my best to avoid the turbulence and I hope you do the same.

  9. oh i had enough interpersonal turbulence on my vacation. i'm ready for some smoooth sailing!