Monday, June 4, 2012


Little cabin in the woods...
not really in the woods.
I don't think that arborvitae count.

But it did have a nice view of the Columbia river...
and much of the tiny town of DP'sH.

We had a delightful time!
The first day was our family and friends BBQ.
People showed up that I had not expected to see.
While it solved the problem of getting to see anyone who 
was interested in seeing us...
it also made it hard to pay much attention to
any one person.
We had steelhead, kielbasa and burgers and side dishes up the ying yang. 

 The next day we visited with family during the day.
Then in the evening,
we took the diner cruise on the Columbia Gorge Sternwheeler.

The food was great.
I had "braised rabbit fricassee"
(Yes, I am a silly cannibal)
and Randy had 
the "beef shoulder medallions with rosemary grilled veggies".

There were of course... adult beverages as well.

The staff was very friendly and worked their tails off.
It helps when you know the captain.

Captain Tom in his wheelhouse.
Our kids grew up together as friends.
His son, S is my old fish connection... steelhead and salmon.
I do miss that very much.

This is Captain Tom's "period" hat and coat.
While we dined in the dining room,
the music chosen happened to be from 
"The Titanic"
Randy asked the waiter
"Have you seen any icebergs?"
He laughed in that tired way that one who works with tourists
laughs at an over-used joke,
then said
"Why?  Is there Titanic music playing?"

We got a lot of photos... for another day.

We stayed another night and had a less crowded
BBQ with just the family.
It was like most family BBQs...
children chased each other around through adults who gabbed...
and everyone of us laughed and enjoyed being together.
Boy I love those crazy people!

Then it was time to say good-bye and leave for home.
Randy would not allow me to steal the dishes from our cabin.
They were so cool too!
Old Kellog cereal dishes with Tony the Tiger
and something nutty about how good cornflakes are "hot".
Who would ever eat cornflakes hot?

We drove home fairly quickly.
Unusual since the man was driving instead of me.
I drove on the way up so that he could sleep.
He tends to drive slowly to save on gas.

Right about the time we got home and Roxy began her celebration of our return
with mad circles and being unable to sit still enough for us to pet her...
I noticed my throat felt scratchy.


That's where I've been for about a week...
today was the first day that I have felt decent. 
Yay for feeling normal again!
I even took my usual march on the hamster wheel.


  1. Did you really stay in that little cabin? It is so cute! It sounds like you had a great time and got to introduce the man to a lot of people all at once...not at all overwhelming, right ;-)
    I'm sorry to hear you had strep. Poor Rabbit! Glad you are on the mend.

  2. laura b.- Indeed we did stay in that little cabin. Ha! It looks much smaller than it actually is. Inside is a small living room with a sofa, TV and office/internet counter. To the side of that room is the small galley style kitchen, which is across from the bathroom with its full sized jacuzzi. And there is a nice bedroom with a king sized bed in the rear. It has two TVs with DVD players. In fact, it has everything you need from fridge to toaster. We were snug as bugs!

    Its funny the man mentioned that... the whole bunch of people all at once come to meet him. I pointed out that our wedding was pretty much that way for me. All his family and friends were there en mass. But he found out that they are nice people. =:D

    It is wonderful to feel "normal" again! Yay!