Tuesday, June 26, 2012


(Borrowed from Facebook.)

 I learned a strange thing.
According to a study
(Possibly sponsored by any one of the "buy a box" diet centers
or diet clubs.)

People lose weight more successfully...
 if they lose in a group or buddy system.

I know a support system can be helpful.
But I tried Weight Watchers once upon a time
and it was an unhappy experience.
Everyone was sooooo nice and supportive.
But I do not like to be weighed in front of others.
I really dislike standing in front of people and talking about 
what does or doesn't help me.
It embarrassed me when other people clapped for my efforts.
And my family hated the recipes.
I hated eating something other than what my family ate. 

I am a socially retarded.
Truly and sincerely.
I understand the process.
Most people enjoy being part of a club,
gathering together, eating together
and sharing ideas.

I like those things!
Except the club part.
And the having a focus/goal in common part.
I do not want to compete with anyone
or to compete as a team.
(rah! rah! rah!)
I am not doing this to win anything.
Not even accolades.
I am not trying to regain my self esteem.
I am not looking for confidants.

I am doing this to live longer and feel better.
The amount of time it takes me does not matter...
because there is no temporary diet here.
No starting point and no stopping point.
This is my life now... until it ends.
Like breathing.

The more I thought about it...
there has always been a "buddy" system at work in my life.
Its called family and friends.
I've always got C4C and the man...
and all those kids I created.
So I guess they were right after all.

I am much more like that photo up there...
not needing to be one group or the other.
I'll just make my life fun out of what's available.


  1. I've never been much good in accomplishing something like that with a group either. Support yes, but a group like Weight Watchers. No. Never bothered with any meetings because I just knew I would NOT be comfortable sitting around talking about my eating habits with a bunch of strangers.

  2. I 'get' groups and how they help some people accomplish important goals. I prefer to achieve things in stealth mode...which is really not known to be a great way to go...but it is just how I am.

  3. silverthoughts2- EXACTLY! I am not comfortable in that situation at all. When I did try it, I began to think of reasons not to go by the end of the first meeting.

    laura b.- Yay! for stealth mode! I don't think its a bad way to go... stealth. I think the amount of success you have depends heavily on your comfort zone. While I am friendly to everyone I meet, I am not a person who makes friends easily because I am somewhat shy. I do so much better "alone" while depending on those who have proven that they honestly care for me for support.

  4. I wouldn't like being weighed in front of everyone, either, and talking in front of a group? Fuggetaboutit! Not my cup of tea.

    If I notice that I'm losing weight, I feel happy and sexy and it motivates me to keep trying. If someone else notices that I'm losing weight, that's a bonus.

    I have been trying to eat a good meal in the middle of the day that includes some form of protein to keep me going. Then for dinner I like to keep it light, if possible. I've been eating Rice Krispies for dinner lately.

  5. My mother in law swears by Weight Watchers, but I'm not a fan of the whole group humiliation/support scene. I've always been a bit of a loner and I don't think that will change.

  6. Sounds like an excellent plan, and best of luck to you in meeting your goals. I totally agree with about the group thing. It is just not in my DNA. Have a good weekend.

  7. I'm not a joiner either. I like to run by myself and ride my bike by myself or with The Guy. The idea of going to a gym to work-out in front of a bunch of other people makes my head hurt.Good luck!

  8. i think you found the best buddy group. if they are on the same page it makes all the difference.

  9. go you! And you still are smoke free, right?