Sunday, June 10, 2012


I'm late to my SSS date.
Sorry about that.
The word this week was...
The shot above was taken at the wood carver's home
last summer, of a wolf he was in the process of 
carving as it howled at the moon.

I wish I could have seen it finished.
Perhaps I will be able to go back this summer
and see the end product.
I hope so!


  1. Nice! It's already looking good and it's not even finished yet!

  2. What a perfect wolf photo to have on hand! I do hope you get to go back and see how it turned out.

  3. The talent in this is wonderful...
    I hope that you see the finished product, too...and take photos for us!

  4. Tara- It was very impressive to see the different carvings in their various stages. The wolf was one I liked and wished was finished.

    laura b.- It was nice to have this one in my photo file. I hope that I get to return to see it. And that someone has not purchased it before I can.

    Jackie- Oh he was very talented. I have so many photos of his finished work. It was inspirational. I will indeed take more if I can visit again.

    billy pilgrim- Saturday Scavenger Hunt. I was supposed to be here on Saturday but I am late AGAIN. Good thing that Tara and Laura b and all are so generous with my tardiness.