Monday, June 25, 2012


This picture has nothing what so ever to do with anything other than
 it makes me laugh.
This is my youngest son, Squeaky, mid- head shave.
I really miss how amusing my children are on a daily basis.
Oh my.

I must be one of the most boring people on the face of the earth!
There is not much of anything to tell you folks.
I am currently spending most of my time weeding.

On the job front...
I have two possibilities pending.
Both are jobs that I would truly love to have.
Both would be total irony in action if I did get one.
I do love irony.
The Bear and Turkey will be here just for the day on Friday.
I can hardly wait!
I will be driving them to the train.
They are going to Cali to meet Mikey P.
I get to keep her new car.
Ever watched "Race Rabbit" ?
(Rabbit racer car driver and spy!)
hee hee
The man works all week this week...
which is totally normal.
at the end of this week...
he's off until July 9th.
Not a paid vacation though.
Money will be tight the following check...
which won't hit us until 2 weeks afterwords.

Still it will be nice to have the man around the house...
on a day shift like me again.
(Even if it is only for a week.)
I'm thinking fishing!
But the reality is likely to be yard work.
That's the trouble with a big lot like this.
So much work.
Now I must get back to my weeding.


  1. I've never even heard of Race Rabbit - you going to play spy while you have the new car?

    Wishing you luck on the job prospects.

  2. Good luck with the jobs. Hopefully you have some good luck!

  3. With the partial head shave, he looks like a cross between Curly and Larry (which I consider a very good thing, being a huge Stooges fan.)

  4. haha! That picture of Squeaky made me laugh too :) Sounds like you have plenty going on with the job search, the kids coming to visit, and keeping up the place! I hope you and the man are able to enjoy his time off, even with the cash flow issue.

  5. excellent picture of squeaky!
    good luck on the job hunt, i understand your private sector is doing very well, so obumble says.

  6. Secret Agent Woman- I thought I might give it a try. Thanks for the luck! The more positive thoughts I can get behind me, the better.

    siverthoughts2- Thank you!

    Suldog- ha! I thought the same thing too. Great minds think alike. =;]

    laura b.- It is getting busier here. Normally its like a dead zone with no reception. Everything happens at once i guess.

    billy pilgrim- Squeaky hates to be photographed, so its a rare one. Thank you for the luck! I don't think that obumble is very aware of what is happening in my sector.

  7. My life hasn't been very exciting. My most recent post was kind of a struggle to conjure up, but I'd like to eventually get back to a blog post a day if that's possible.

    That's great that you get to spend Friday with some family!

    I hope you're able to set time aside for some fishing. It's so relaxing, except of course for the fish. :)

  8. Squeaky's new do is definitely reminiscent of Larry Fine. It made me laugh too.

    I've gotten to the age where I relish boring because interesting times can be too much for me. If weeding floats your boat, you don't need to apologize. I like to read. Notice how they rhyme... read and weed :-)

    Hope the job scene turns out the way you want it. Sending good job vibes your way. In the mean time, enjoy your family time.