Tuesday, June 19, 2012


(Randy and Olivia with part of Sukey and the top of Robert's head)

Today is the man's birthday!

He's a bazillion years old...
(I am a bazillion and four years old)

I remember telling Bear that he has "such pretty teeth" 
when I met him.
This was before I found out he bought his teeth...
in which case there is no reason that they should not be pretty.
So much for first impressions huh?

I commented to him that he was a bazillion and one today.
He said
"No I'm not."
I swear to you that he was a bazillion this time last year!
Then I did the math.
He's only a bazillion.

I decided that I would get him a black "Ducks" hat.
He's been grumping about not having one.
He has yellow ones and white ones and even green ones.
There are never enough hats.
Probably because there isn't enough hair!
That was kind of mean.
(Hanging head in shame... but giggling.)
We celebrated with cake made on Father's Day...
because two people cannot eat a 13x9 " cake in two days time.
(I made his favorite German Chocolate.)
Do you know that to make the pecan frosting costs about
$9 bucks these days?
This morning I made him stuffed orange bell peppers...
with broiled brown sugared yams...
and fresh green beans.
Its his all time favorite meal that I make.

Then, because he works graveyard shift...
we watched an episode of his show
"Crusade" which is a spin-off of Babylon 5...
after he had stuffed himself...
which of course made him fall asleep on the sofa.
Eventually I woke him up
and off he went to bed,
a happy man.
The rest of my day was spent weeding
and walking.
And thinking about how glad I am that I found the man.
I can no longer imagine life without him.
My kids love him.
As you can see in the photo...
my grand kids love him too.
I can't help but think that I'm the one who got a gift. 

Here's to many more beyond a bazillion!


  1. Happy birthday, Randy!!
    Olivia is beauuuuutiful!!!
    And..."because two people cannot eat a 13x9 " cake in two days time." Au contraire. I can!
    I'm so glad that you share the love. Hugs to you all.

  2. What a sweet picture! Happy Birthday to Randy :)

    And I know exactly what you mean about being the one to get the gift. Do you think we appreciate it more since we had to go through the not so gifty stuff first?

  3. Jackie- Thank you! Olivia is a beautiful and very sweet tempered baby. Ha! Don't tell anyone but that dumb cake keeps whispering to me to eat it. Big hugs back at cha!

    laura b.- Thank you. I think I've shared it before on FB. But I really like it. Yes, I certainly do believe that they feel like a "gift" because of what we endured to get to this happy place. =:] We are lucky ladies laura b.!!!!

  4. Happy happy joy joy. Sounds like you two have it in spades. Continued blessings to you both.

  5. Who's the girl laughing in the background? That's a happy kid! :)

    Happy, happy birthday to The Man!

  6. Cube- Thank you. I think we might.

    Tara- Thank you. That's my grand daughter, Sequoia a.k.a. Sukey. She is a very happy girl.

  7. Definitely, a Happy Bazillionth Birthday, but I must beg to differ with you on one point...

    "... two people cannot eat a 13x9 " cake in two days time."

    Try me. I think I can do it myself, provided it's not some ridiculous flavor like Whipped Cream Ketchup or something.

  8. Glad the man had a great birthday and really glad that you found him and you two are so happy together. You deserve it. Enjoy your weekend.