Sunday, July 8, 2012


Holy moley!  I picked this word myself... "FLIMSY"
for Saturday Scavenger Shots... and had a devil of the time finding ways to represent it in pictures.
This is our old fence... old being very important to its description!  Another word that one could certainly use to describe it is "FLIMSY".  Note the obvious patches. Not a fence that one is terribly proud of or willing to count on to keep that rascal pup inside.

 As clouds go... these are pretty darned "FLIMSY".

Now... as my final example, a "FLIMSY" explanation... I am two days tardy to this Saturday event.  I am so sorry!  As it happens, we had three different sets of grand kids drop in on us this week!
I should have gotten this set up a few days before Sat... and put it on the to be "scheduled" thingie.
But I did not. (Hanging head in shame.)

So now I will pass on the honor of choosing next week's word to our friend, Alien Coffee Grounds!
I know he will come up with something great to challenge us. 

=:]   Silly Rabbit out!


  1. At least there is a rainbow in those flimsy clouds!

  2. I know your fence is no longer flimsy :) Love the flimsy clouds with their rainbow light.

    It must have been great having so many family visits!

  3. Secret Agent Woman- Yes there was!

    laura b.- Light refraction is a wonderful thing. So is having my kids around. I did have a great time.

  4. i hate it when a snooty restaurant serves me a flimsy meal that's longer on style than on substance.

  5. The dog is eyeing the flimsy fence, making plans for escape.

  6. billy pilgrim- I have to agree there!

    3GKnight- How did you know? She was slipping out and visiting some nice neighbors who were feeding her and letting her stay in their house for half a day at a time... making me crazy while walking the neighborhood calling for my dog. Thank goodness that has stopped. If they want to visit her, they can come here.

  7. Hmmmmmmm. That is a tough one. I would think most flimsy things would not photograph well enough!

  8. what? no flimsy excuses? ;)