Wednesday, July 11, 2012


(courtesy of facebook)

Not a good day.  Not a bad day.
A weird day... for lots of reasons.
The man's check was not automatically deposited as it should have been.
But it arrived in the afternoon mail.

I learned from laura b. that today...
at 7-11 is free Slurpee day
from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
I immediately notified my family of the occasion.
We are long time "squishie" lovers!

Off I went to my nearest Slurpee provider.
The store was packed.
This impressed me because there were so many empty parking spaces.
A mob of high school aged young men occupied all the space
by the slurpee machine.

Most of the swarm had moved outside before I noticed
one bad buzzer...
who was filling his small cup,
crouching behind an end counter
(No small task as he was very tall.)
and drinking most of it...
then refilling it.

I did not take the little free cup.

It was 93 degrees in the shade and that much would not last
the entire trip home.
And I wanted to put half into the freezer 
to use in the mixing of an adult beverage later this evening.

The people who owned the store had heavy accents.
I am assuming that they were Pakistani... 
yet I could easily be wrong.
I'm not good at accents or how people look to give me a clue.

I tried to make conversation that was light...
a comment about how busy they were.
The woman never looked at my face, smiled
or said a single word.
She took my five dollar bill and then set my 
change on the counter and walked away...
to yell at her partner.

Out in the car...
I phoned my favorite Chinese restaurant and ordered
chicken chow mien.
I always ask for the kind that has bean sprouts...
they have another type that has other things instead.
I picked it up and the nice lady with the heavy accent there
was friendly and talkative.
Her restaurant was totally empty.

I got home and turned on the air to cool my cave.
When I was cool enough to eat,
I opened the box and found that most of my 
chow mien was bean sprouts!

I'm guessing that with the language barrier
between us that she thought I wanted
extra bean sprouts.
No matter.
It was very tasty that way.

That's the way my day has gone.
I am hoping that tomorrow is a bit more regular.
But you never know.
Either way,
if this is as bad as tomorrow gets...
I'm getting off lucky.


  1. haha! Those 7-Eleven people must feel like commiting violent crimes on free squishee day with all those kids. Wouldn't have hurt them to be cordial to friendlier faces though! Geez. Glad the restaurant lady was nicer...and that you enjoy plenty of sprouts :-D
    Here is to more normal days to come! (We can do that toast with some slurpee infused adult beverages)

  2. laura b.- I have a feeling that you are right about the 7-11 folk. They were swarmed and no one was buying much... just taking free bees. I think she was frazzled. I didn't mind. I worked in a 7-11 many moons ago. Its not the most rewarding job in the world.
    I shall tip my cup to that! Cheers laura b.!

  3. Laura b. has the right idea. I'll drink to more normal days to come as well.

    BTW your post has succeeded in making me crave Chinese food... pork fried rice and steamed veggies... yum.

  4. when i am at work (behind the front desk) i try to remember how much i can't stand the grouchy desk our counter people who can't even acknowledge my presence. kinda funny on the bean sprouts dinner.

  5. I actually try to avoid the freebie things because the small thing I get for free is hardly ever worth the crowds and waiting and general irritability of everyone involved. But I don't think I've had a slurpee/slushie in probably 20 years or so.

  6. Cube- It's cheers all the way around!

    Me too on the craving Chinese!

    Lime- I know. Maybe its the years of retail before working in a school, I don't know, but I am always startled when people on the other side of the counter are not nice. They are being paid to be nice!

    Secret Agent Woman- I had not had a slurpee in many years until my youngest turned 16. There were no 7-11 in DP's H or even in 50 miles of us. Then he went on a field trip and found them. It became sort of an obsession for him to get one if he was close enough to do it. He even asked for one for his birthday one year. lol

  7. I like the picture. I think Bruce is drunk. We have no 7-11s anymore in town so I could not take Kyle to get his free Slurpee. Hope the last few days have been more regular and you and the man have a wonderful weekend. Take care my blogging buddy.

  8. I like that: if this is as bad as tomorrow gets... :-) Glad you have air conditioning!