Sunday, July 29, 2012

Saturday began with weeding.
But it became too hot and I sunburned the top of my head
where I parted my hair!

I was grumbling about it.
The man turns to Roxy and says
"So do you want to go for a drive?"
They let me go along too.

Randy says
"I hope you've got quarters."
I laughed and made a joke.
"Why? Are you taking me to feed the fish?"

He gives me a weird look.
"Well its the only thing that I can think of that still costs only a quarter."
"Are we going to the dog wash?"
He shakes his head and changes the subject.
I give up.

The truck winds along a lazy path...
we are in no hurry.
We leave town and pass a cemetery.
Then we are out "in the country" proper.

Happy little country towns dot the stretch of road
we travel.
I liked the one in the photo up there.
A metal sculptor has a studio
and his work is pretty popular with his neighbors.
You can't tell by the photo
but there are wonderful things on those 
metal creations...
like a rhino roof topper!

Each little town has its version of a farmer's market.
Everyone is smiling.
The feeling is both homey and serene.
I eat it all up with my eyes.
Roxy tries to push her nose out the wing window.
She's drinking it in with her nose. 

Eventually we come to what looks like a driveway.
The man turns in and parks.
I think that I should have been paying attention.
Then I see.

 I can't help but laugh.
I really was only joking about  feeding the fish with my quarters.
The only place I've done that was up near where
I used to live.
We walk past the fry ponds with the littlest guys
swimming in a swarm
and individually flipping up out of the water...
to catch some bug.

A couple of ducks were enjoying the pond too...
and they began to follow us around.
I wished that I had something to feed them.

There were no fish food dispensers!
We got back into the car.
As hatcheries go, this one was small.
I am used to the one at Bonneville Dam
where the great sturgeon, Herman lives.
Randy says I like Herman because he is older than me...
then reminds me that he, Randy, is not as old as me.

We drive awhile longer and again turn off the road.
I can see that it is another hatchery once we cross the weird
little bridge with the funny houses on it.

This one is bigger
and more suited to tourist visitors.
I was excited because it had a lot of the equipment 
that is required to tag and clip fish...
one of my favorite jobs that I have had in the past.
I got to show them to Randy and explain how they are used.

In the distance I saw it...
a big square box thing.
Next to a lovely pond that reminded me of the crock
pond at the zoo where I grew up.
Cool because it had a bridge in the middle.
I couldn't wait to put my quarter in...
and get a handful of fish pellets.

These big handsome trout liked me...
well they liked the pellets.
There were sturgeon too,
but none near as large as Herman.

Randy was very patient.
He had Roxy and they sort of stood back...
Roxy does not like the water or the fish!
But she loved the other visitors.
She made lots of friends.

I could have sat there for a very long time.
Watching fish is so relaxing and soothing.
I used to enjoy sitting after clipping and just unwinding.

On the way home we made a quick stop at a mom and pop
Randy showed me where the "Monster Burgers" are made.
So named because Bill Bigsby used to come to eat there.
He lived near by.
Neither of us were hungry.
Monster burgers are very big, so we need a time
when we can split a fresh cooked one.
We will go back soon.

Which is very cool.
I can hardly wait to go back and spend time with the fish!
One of these days I want a Koi pond.


Then I can watch the fish whenever I want.



  1. Great post! It makes me think of when we'd go to Sea World and my dad would buy a little cup filled with little fish and I was allowed to feed the sea lions. There was also a spot where we could buy pellets and feed the ducks and fish.

    I misread your story about Herman the sturgeon and thought Herman was a surgeon. :D

    1. You know, I have never been to Sea World! I really have to go there. I would love it. Especially if I got to feed sea lions!

      Hahahaha... I wouldn't want Herman to operate on me. Herman is a dear, dear old friend. We're even friends on FB. He wanted me to come and read to him a week or so ago. I was so sad that I couldn't. I am very fond of that old fish!

  2. Be careful, I am falling a little in love with Randy. haha! He seems very good at giving you nice surprises. I'm sure you do the same for him. You guys are both very fortunate.
    I agree that watching is fish is very soothing. And much more soothing to watch them in a lake or stream than in an indoor fish tank. You should definitely get a koi pond!!!
    What a very nice post :)

    1. Randy is good to me. So, I'm sorry laura b. you may not have him! Ha. Besides, you would not give up DR for any one else.

      I talk about my koi pond a lot. Randy is getting into the idea now. Its a matter of collecting the money at this point.

  3. P.S.: I tagged you, Silly Rabbit, for next week's word! :)

    1. ACK! I'll have to put my thinking cap on and get back to you, Tara.

  4. Watching fish swim is relaxing. I wish we could throw some into the pool, but a chlorine-based environment is not consistent with fish gills.

    Our dogs are not water-friendly either. They've experienced the pool and don't like to get too close to the edge, although they do like to lounge in the enclosure with us when we are swimming.

    I don't remember feeding fish, but our girls did love to feed the petting zoo animals at Busch Gardens and the Florida Fair.

    One time my youngest was feeding a baby goat and it ate
    the entire helping of pellets and the cup too! The goat was pleased but my daughter started to cry. We got her a new cup of pellets and she promptly went to feed one of the
    "nicer" animals.

  5. Aren't dogs funny? My dad's lab would have jumped in and chased the fish. Roxy acted like it was a tub of spiders.

    Ha! What a great story. That goat was probably used to taking whole cups from the kids when no one was looking. What a rascal! I don't blame her for turning to the nicer animal instead.

    I really wanted the job at the dam of counting fish as they went through the ladders, but no one ever left that job. Drat it.

  6. sounds like a fun day you got to share. hope you get your koi pond one day. i think i'd go for the rhino roof topper. hehehehe