Saturday, July 21, 2012


Welcome to another SSS episode!
Our word this week...

I'd like to think that we SSS
participants are an EXCLUSIVE group
of people who enjoy sharing photos.

I might be biased.

My photos this week would not make it into
any EXCLUSIVE group of
talented photographers' work.
It was taken on the fly...
or on "the drive" as the case was.
Its hard to get good shots out of a moving window.

As I understand the word EXCLUSIVE,
it means that something is outside
of the average scope or scale.
Certain criteria must be met to open that door.

I told you the photos were not good!
Behind this fence...
with its posted "No Trespass" sign...

Beyond this field with its charming deer...

Is this secluded and EXCLUSIVE home.

because I'm betting that while many a man's home is his castle...
few claim a castle such as this as their home! 

That's all folks!
Have a happy weekend.



  1. How's this for weird synchronicity - just today I was trying to take photos as I was moving down the road and they were too blurry - including one a a castle-like home, complete with turrets, I saw up on the side of a mountain!

    1. That is certainly a bizarre bit of synchronicity! I love it. Ha.

  2. I like the photos! And what a great use of the word Exclusive. I am barely getting to mine today. What a weekend...

    1. Oh thank you! I've had weekends like that. No worries. We will all be here ready to see what you've got when it gets up. =:]

  3. Hey, you did a fine job posting photos! I bailed. I love your shots, especially of the dear deer.

    1. I can't see deer without thinking of Alvin and The Chipmunks! Alvin sings on an album I had as a kid...
      "Where the deer and the cantaloup roam..." When Dave corrects Alvin, he chimes up "Deer... I'm hungry! I want a dear little something to eat!"

      Ah the goofy things our heads keep for our amusement!

      The deer were not at all afraid of me. I even got out of the car to get closer to them and they seemed very aware that a fence kept me out.

  4. pitbulls have the exclusive contract to provide security for the rosewater foundation.

    1. As soon as Roxy read this, she began to beg to apply!
      I pointed out that Elliot was looking for BRAVE pit bulls, not silly chicken hearted ones. She is pouting in the corner now.

      But this morning when Randy came home, she was startled by a sound he made and ran to hide under my rocking chair. My evil, dangerous beastie!

  5. Exclusive was a pretty tough word. You have done well. My home is my castle, but it is hardly a castle by architectural standards. Luckily, I don't have deer in my yard.

  6. Thanks Jasen. This was a real fun one for me. I was lucky that Randy picked this weekend to show me the castle! He didn't tell me where we were going... only to bring my camera.
    Deer can cause so much damage, but I love them.