Sunday, March 4, 2012


I have no idea where this picture came from...
its been in my picture files for a long time.
I didn't take it and I don't claim it.
And I don't have permission.
I'd say "Sue me" but someone probably would.
I just like it so much!

I am so excited!
I know that I told you that we are expecting a grand daughter
on March 6th.
That's only two days away!

Bear and Squeaky and my X have all 
united to talk me into coming up for the event...
and once more to surprise Boo and Saucy...
who think that I am not going to be able to come up.

I wonder how many times this surprise thing will work?
Eventually someone is going to think that I will show up...
and then I won't.
That will be a bummer.
Well, we will worry about that then.

I asked the man.
No, I do not HAVE to ask the man.
Its simply polite to consider his feelings.
Especially since it will require his assistance
to get me to the bus station and then home again when I return.
It also affects our budget.

The point is...
I'm going to go!
I will get to meet Olivia with the rest of my brood.
I am not exactly looking forward to the bus trip.
But I am looking forward to the adventure!
I am thinking that I will spend two nights.
Squeaky will come and stay with me in the cabin.
We will have a good visit that way.
Of course there is a part of me that does not want to leave
the man behind.
Who will feed him and take care of him?
Okay... he does know how to do those things for himself.
Goodness knows he did it long enough before me.
But you know...
its nice to think that maybe he won't enjoy not having me
around to take care of him.
Rather than think that he will be jumping around 
in his whitey tighties playing air guitar as soon
as I head out the door.
The excitement builds as I type.
I can't wait to see my kids...
and I am so glad that I will be there for
Olivia's birth.
I haven't missed one yet...
and I don't want to!
I will take pictures.
I will have a great time.
And I will still miss the man.
But then...
I suspect that coming home will be extra nice too.


  1. First, I love the picture, too. Do you happen to know what kind of bird that is on the top? Cool headed bird.

    As far as your trip for Olivia's comming out party, I say, "yay!" Enjoy yourself with your family for a few days. The homecoming WILL be extra special :-)

  2. Er, that's Olivia's coming out party. I hate it when I do that.

  3. so glad you're going to get to be there for olivia's arrival. as for the man's response to your absence...i dunno, but i think imagining him air guitaring in his undies would be pretty funny. run with that.

  4. Oh, I am so glad you will get to be there for Olivia's entrance! No reason you should have to miss out, with your family so eager to assist in getting you there.
    And I KNOW the reunion with the man will be sweet :)

  5. take the bus?

    a grandparent should be picked up in a limousine and delivered in style!

  6. Cube- I do not know what kind of bird that is, but I'd sure like to!

    It seems Olivia had her own set of plans and decided to show up this morning at 8:44! Mom and baby are both doing well and daddy is nuts about both of them.

    I'm still going of course, but I'll be a bit late. Oh well.
    I will enjoy my self and my family completely! Yay!

    lime- Ha! I told the man about my image of him dancing around playing air guitar in his undies... and his response was "How did you know? Who told you I do that when you aren't around?" hee hee!

    laura b.- Well it didn't go the way we planned, but then how many things do? Ha. I know it will be a sweet homecoming... I've got some tricks up my sleeve. =;D

    NoRegrets- You knew! You caught it earlier on FB. I will have a wonderful time. Promise.

    billy pilgrim- I like the way you think sir! I should have a limo. But the bus is cheap and I didn't want to drive the clown car... its pretty old for that sort of adventure. Instead of car breakdowns... I'll hope that I don't sit next to anyone having a nervous breakdown. I'm okay with them seeing things that aren't there, but overly needy upset people scare the crap out of me. Should be interesting!

  7. I already know the twist from the next post, but I'm glad you are still getting to go. And as for "asking" - of course - any couple has to take the other person into consideration when they make plans.