Wednesday, March 21, 2012



 Yet this was the scene that greeted me when I woke this morning.
Wrong in so many ways.

"If you know all 4 seasons: 
almost winter, winter, still winter, and road construction, 
you live in Oregon ."
 ~ Jeff Foxworthy

This poor little plum tree used to be erect...
and those pink-ish things were blossoms.

I am having a lot of trouble with this being "spring".
I know its from growing up in Cali.

Roxy is a Cali girl too...
and this is as close as she would get to the snow in her yard.
(Good thing she has this little strip under the over-hang 
for her business needs.)

I get a text from Bear...
"75 degrees!  Going to hit the beach!"
She's in San Diego.
I am envious.

The man and I are sitting and watching the news.
He gets a phone call telling him that 
he shouldn't come in to work tonight...
his job is having a snow day.
I suppose I should look at the silver lining...
the man and I got an unexpected day together.
We ran around town looking for
Babylon 5.
The series and the movie collection...
all together or one by one.
We found zip.
Then we made a bet.
I lost!
Now I have to make him a fancy diner from scratch.
He says
"How about clam chowder."
Since when has calm chowder been fancy?
Come to think of it...
if we could run around town all day in this...
why can't they go to work in it?
Unless the unthinkable is coming...
more snow or a freeze to turn things to ice.
I probably just jinxed it didn't I?
Oh crap.




  1. Our weather is like August here. Seriously. And for once we are warmer than the "living in a frying pan" deep south; Texas.

  2. I think it's going to be hot today in New Jersey. And look, the fog finally lifted!

  3. Yikes! That snowscape almost makes my sub-tropical heart just want to stop beating from terror. We're in shorts and t-shirts and have the A/C working. Don't hate us Floridians because our weather is warm ;-)

  4. We have had the best Winter ever, here in the northeast, with just 10 inches total snowfall in Boston. We usually have had about 70 by this time. Woo-Hoo! I'll take it.

  5. I keep hearing how unseasonably warm it has been in some parts of the country, but the past couple of weeks in CA have been rather gloomy off and on. It's confusing :)
    Glad you and the Man had that nice bonus day though!

  6. we had a little snow a few days ago and few hours later there was sunshine and a blue sky. nice weather today, i put a lot of kilometers on the iron maiden.

  7. dmarks- I am soooo envious of all of the nice weather people are having elsewhere. I hope you are getting out in it and soaking up all you can!

    silverthoughts2- We used to have lots of fog where I grew up. Sometimes I miss the fog, as silly as that sounds. But I can imagine how nice it is to see the sun.

    Cube- I keep threatening to go and visit you! If only I could.

    Suldog- There you go! That's the attitude to have. Enjoy a bit of it for me too.

    laura b.- Thank you. We did have a nice day together and some more nice day today... at least later than usual because the man slept in and was too awake to crash on time. What has happened to the weather?

    billy pilgrim- I'm glad that you could enjoy her! Especially with the gear issue. It might mean that your time with the old gal is growing shorter. btw... we found our Babylon 5 series today and nabbed it. Used but in perfect shape.

  8. Oh my - this is in stark contrast to my neck of the woods. Hope you get a warm up soon!

  9. I hear you. Vacations are not something we're able to pull off right now either, especially since our youngest has her heart set on an out of state university for the fall. Sheesh.

  10. wow, that could be a typical PA march too though this year had been ridiculously mild. hope it all melts soon for you and you get some spring back.