Sunday, March 18, 2012


A mysterious package showed up on my doorstep.

It was there when we opened the door as the man was leaving for work.

Well, you can guess what I thought it might be.
Especially since it was sort of steamy looking in the brisk night air.
it wasn't on fire...
and no one was giggling in the bushes.

The man figured it out very quickly.
Our neighbor to the north has a wood smoke BBQ business...
and a fondness for the pig bull herself.

Roxy got a bag of bones!
I gave her one as soon as I came back in and she was delighted.
They still smelled savory and smokey...
a few tid bits where stuck here and there.
What a great guy our neighbor is!

Naturally she wanted to dine at our best table.
Too cold to send her outside or into the chilly shop.
But we reached a compromise.
Her bed is washable.
I can hear the crunching from here.
What a glorious Saturday we had!
The sun was shining and it was warmish.
The man and I worked together in the front yard.
There were old sections of Japanese maples
that I needed cut out.
The man fought with his chain saw until they were gone.
I attacked some bushes that I've been dying to get rid of...
and got rid of them.
There was debris to remove from a recent wind storm.
March has come in like a lion and I'm hoping
will now go out like a lamb.
It was so nice to be in the sunshine!
Warm enough that I removed my hoodie.
I have needed nice weather.
Then this morning the gloom returned.
It matched my mood.
I don't like Sundays now the way I used to not like Mondays.
The man goes back to work and for
another week.
Double sigh.
Along with my gloomy mood
came rain, hail and for a bit... snow flakes.
But by late afternoon, the sun was back.

I am sooooo ready for spring!




  1. Snowflakes! No - it's is definitely time for Spring. We need it.

    Nice guy you have for a neighbor!

  2. I'd be a little paranoid if I found a mystery package on my doorstep.

  3. What a nice neighbor :)

    Here a cold front has moved in and it is bringing me down. I want that beautiful, warm spring sunshine!

  4. ruby's green with envy! i'm sure you could hear the crunching from a fair distance.

  5. sun does wonders fr the mood. hope it comes back to you soon along with some warm weather.

  6. Secret Agent Woman- He is a great neighbor. We are quite fond of him.

    I really do need spring. =:/

    Silverthoughts2- I was very suspicious until the man said it was probably bones. Then it made sense.

    laura b.- We all seem to be starved for spring!

    billy pilgrim- Roxy is in pig heaven! She gets all excited when I exercise and runs around out of control... which wakes up the man. I'm finding that the bones are a great way to keep her calm and out of trouble with the sleeping man.

    NoRegrets- That is awesome news!

    lime- indeed it does! A friend told me that its the vitamin D and that I should take a supplement to improve my mood. I'm not sure about that though. We will see.

  7. Roxy looks like she enjoyed that bone..ha ha

    Spring is right around the corner.. literally..

    Sorry to hear about the gloomy weather.. if the sun pops out today.. just know that I sent it your way..

    I wanted a Japanese Maple for a long time as they are so pretty.. But they are costly here..

  8. Roxy is lucky you have such a thoughtful neighbor. Those chew bones can get pretty costly.

    I'll throw some sunshine your way. Lord knows we have plenty of it. It's so warm down here that our unheated pool has been in use since the first week of February.

    1. I guess that is the Oregon version of Santa and his sack.

  9. Yay Roxy!! I am so ready for Spring too. We had a nice day today and I hope we get no more of that white stuff. Hope the week is treating you well. Take care.

  10. Mrs.Harry Woman- I think the sunshine you sent me got lost. I love Japanese Maples and have several. All are green leaf that turn in the fall. They have no leaves yet. But I find their trunks are almost as lovely as their leaves. I'd like to have some of the red leaf ones too. Maybe a weeping one.

    Cube- Roxy is very lucky to have our neighbor, S. You are right about the price of bones from a butcher that I have to cook.

    No sunshine yet. Boo! It snowed today again. =:[

    dmarks- Roxy sure thinks he is Santa. Here's a Sleestak for you! -:[

    Mr.Shife- I do hope that our snow storm does not head your way. I'm glad that you are having a nice day today. Otherwise the week has been great! You take care too.