Saturday, March 10, 2012


It's time for another episode
of Saturday Scavenger Shots!
Our mission this week...
Now that's a word I can get behind...
this time of year I cannot wait to see SPRING.

Wood violets are one of the first signs in
my area to say that the season of SPRING
has arrived.

 I like the way that these flowers 
decided to SPRING up between the spokes 
of an abandoned bike.

Once the sun begins to shine and the air
warms up around here...

 Roxy likes to SPRING across the yard
to get her duck.

But if there is a bummer side
to SPRING things...

it might be something like this evil
SPRING rocking horse...
that little Bear was playing on  one
She stood in front of it...
pulled the horse toward her...
 and let go...
causing it to SPRING forward and
smack her in the head!
Then it was our turn to SPRING
to the hospital for stitches.

That's it for this week.
I hope that beautiful SPRING
weather finds you this weekend.
Beware the evil SPRING rocking horses.


  1. excellent picture of roxy. she looks like a panther from a horror movie with the illuminated eyes.

    i'll have a real spring in my step tomorrow if the sun can peek through the clouds.

  2. billy pilgrim- Ha! I wondered if anyone beside me would think that Roxy looks like a panther. She is so hard to photograph because she moves too fast for the shutter.

    I hope that you have your sunshine! The forecast here is for rain the next 5 days. Grumble!

  3. The Daffodils are cute with the old bike..

    I dodn't like those rides at parks.. they are very hazardous.. Hope Little Bear was okay in the end..

    Roxy is a cutie!

    I saw you picked for next weeks word.. Great choice!

  4. Spring! I am such a fan. Every new flower makes me happy.

  5. The photo of Roxy made me spring into action remembering an very bad movie of the week... Devil Dog, Hound of Hell ;-)
    Remember that loser pic?

  6. Oh, poor girl. I hope she's okay, after her run-in with the bad, springy horse.

  7. Oooohhh...what great spring shots! I love the flowers so.

    I don't think they put those sorts of springs on newer bouncy toys...they are on some kind of bar that barely sways. Not as much fun maybe, but much safer!

  8. Mrs. Harry Woman and Churlita- Little Miss Bear was okay after seven stitches. That will teach her to keep her head away from rocking ponies. They put a topical something on her head to numb it. The doctor laughed when Bear told her that her head was snoring. She was a tough little girl. I don't think there is lasting damage. But again, it might explain a few things. Ha! Besides, the next day she was back on that horse rocking for all she was worth.

    Secret Agent Woman- I'm with you! Today I saw my plum tree is blooming and I was so happy.

    laura b.- Thank you. Ha. I know. Turkey was riding one at McD's that hardly moved. He gave up and moved on to a shaky platform. Getting hit in the head never stopped his mom from riding it.

  9. Ouch about the spring horse incident! My friends and I played on them when we were older. I wonder if there are any still around on smaller playgrounds.

  10. Excellent post, and I am hoping for some more nice weather real soon because we have had nothing but rain since last Sunday. Have a good one.

  11. love the shot with the bike tire. and your poor kiddo bonked by the rocking horse. ouch!