Saturday, March 24, 2012


Welcome to this week's edition of
Saturday Scavenger Shots!
Our word this week is provided
by Mrs. Harry Woman.

I admit that I was tempted to put in 
a bunch of shots of the man,
but opted instead to focus on
less often seen ANIMAL.

 Our ANIMAL friends who live in the deep.
I'm not even sure what this one is called.
Some kind of starfish?

How about this crabby guy?
I bet he's a real ANIMAL when he wakes up.

Here are a multitude of ANIMALs 
at the aquarium that they let you pet.
I like the green guys best...
they have lots of thingies that stick to your

These were taken on a trip to the
Oregon Coastal Aquarium
in Newport, Oregon
where they have many, many
wonderful ocean ANIMALs 
native to my state.

Oh and there is this other ANIMAL
that is reputed to be native to my state...

But she's a different sort of
all together.


Now I best go make diner for my
Have a wonderful weekend!
I hope you run into a nice ANIMAL
or two.


  1. Those are some seriously strange critters... some other associations come to mind, but I'm not wanting to bring them up on your un-political blog. I did run into a racoon last night. It was up my tree and very cute.

  2. Cube- Ha! You may say whatever you want on my blog, even about politics.

    Racoons entertain me and scare me a bit. I've seen some very aggressive ones and I always worry about rabies. We had one die on our patio a few years ago. Gratefully before I arrived. But they are funny critters and very, very cute.

  3. i wonder what eric burden's up to these days.

    ruby has chased a raccoon up a tree in our yard a few times so every time she goes outside the tree is her first order of business. one day she spent hours at the bottom of the tree, guess what she was staring at.

  4. what? no muppet? hehehehe. fun animals there though.

  5. I love the wild creatures at aquariums.

  6. billy pilgrim- That is a good question. Its been awhile since I heard any Animals news of that sort. =;]

    I'm guessing that Ruby was staring at nothing, but hoping a raccoon was up there. Roxy looks at our shop window all the time, waiting for Todd, our friend who often works in the shop to show up. She's sure that he should be on the other side of the window all the time. Silly girls!

    lime- Ha! I did think of Animal from the muppets first, but assumed that everyone else would too. Ha.

    Secret Agent Woman- I do love looking at ocean creatures. Some of them are so unique and even a bit crazy looking. Fascinating things for certain.

  7. I love going to aquariums.. they are very cool indeed.. love the first pic..

  8. The last time we went to the Florida aquarium, I was sitting next to a turtle exhibit when a large turtle came out of the pen and sauntered over to my thigh. An employee put it back into the pen, but sure enough, the turtle broke out of its pen again and was clawing at my thigh. This happened a few more times and the employee was incredulous. So finally she told me to just put the turtle back myself. I did and many more times.

    My daughters were rolling their eyes. They were commenting on how I'm a cat charmer, a baby charmer, a dog charmer and NOW I'm a turtle charmer.

    Now if only I could stop attracting insects. Ugggh!

  9. Those are some very striking looking animals! Is that last one a sasquatch? haha!

  10. That one at the top looks very science fiction! Very cool. I love when they let people touch some of the animals. I was able to touch a stingray once as it was swimming by, and it felt very rubbery. I'm just glad I didn't touch the stinger!

  11. That first one is a for-real starfish? Wow. I would have thought it was put together with Leggos or something :-)

    I love the idea of a marine petting zoo. Very cool.

  12. Love the theme and the photos. One of our goals is to make it over to the coast and visit the aquarium at Newport. Hope you had a nice weekend.