Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Saucy, Olivia and Boo
A certain little girl has a mind of her own...
Olivia showed up a day early...
despite her scheduled c-section for Tuesday.
Grandma will arrive a day late.
That's okay.
I was extremely envious of the other family members
who were already holding her today...
but I'll get over it...
just as soon as I have her in my arms.
So I have been running around getting packed
and making sure that the man has everything he could
possibly want or need in my absence...
from fresh blackberry cobbler to Chicken Florentine.
His biggest concern came up right before he hit the hay.
He led me to his drawer and pointed into it.
I saw things in there;
underwear, handkerchiefs,
two pair of heavy socks, one pair of crummy socks,
and one lone nice sock.
He pointed at his bare feet.
I looked at them.
He pointed at the lone sock.
"Two feet, one sock."

"We could cut one foot off..."
I suggested rather helpfully.
He did not agree with my solution.
 I am not a big meanie.
I knew that he had 5 pair of socks on the laundry table
waiting to go into the dresser.
I think I'll bring him home a bag of socks as 
a souvenir. 

Well... I'm off to be with family 
and to celebrate

I am not sure how soon I will post...
though I am taking the laptop with me.
We'll see.

Take care... be happy!




  1. Awwww! Welcome Olivia! Beautiful name for a beautiful little tot!

  2. Have a great great time!!! You are so helpful to your man... :-)

  3. What a lovely little lady and a beautiful family :)

    I know you will have a wonderful visit. Enjoy getting to know your new little sunbeam.

  4. Awesome. Congratulations, and welcome to the world, Ms. Olivia. Love that name and she looks perfect.

  5. CONGRATULATIONS, Grandma! Give the kid a kiss for all of us!

  6. Congratulations, Grandma! I know some women hate the sound of being referred to as a grandmother, but I will relish it. OK, I'll wait until my girls finish college and then get married. I'm a patient woman.

  7. Congrats! What a beautiful girly! I bet you haven't put her down since you got there....

  8. All- Thanks everyone! She is such a treasure. Yes, Churlita, I hardly put her down. And it was soooo hard to leave. I kissed her many times... for all of you too. I do love being called grandma. Does not bother me at all, Cube. But you are right... wait until after college. Big grins everyone!

  9. a belated congratulations and welcome to the world sweet olivia. i hope you've thoroughly enjoyed every moment with your sweet little bean.