Monday, June 13, 2011


Out here, the patio is sort of blah today.
It rained half of yesterday and most of the night.
The ground is wet and the sky still gray.
I looked around and spied the man's lunch box.
(pictured above)
I use a brown paper sack.
He carries a freaking picnic box!

I have always been fascinated by this "lunch box".
Yesterday we went lunch box shopping...
for stuff to put in it, not a new one.
Though he did use a different one that looks pretty much the same only blue.

The one he left with this morning contained:
1 bologna sandwich
Reese's Pieces 
jalapeno potato chips
teryaki stick bites
home made brownies
Little Debbie strawberry cream cake roll
Twix bar
trail mix
rootbeer in a frozen sleeve
five one dollar bills
twelve quarters
a variety of condiment packets
breath mints
chewing gum
triple antibiotic ointment
one blue ink pen, one black ink pen
three pencils
a miniature barrel of monkeys
note pad

and an extra measuring tape... just in case.

I'm sure I've left something out!
He carries his own mini-mart.

My first day in a long time home alone.
I had a brief Tom Cruise moment and considered cranking up the stereo to dance around in my unders...
but that seemed like a lot of effort since I'd have to strip back down just to look the part.

I have two assignments today:
1) call the DMV to see how much my tags will cost
2) call the hall of records to see if our certified marriage certificate is in yet...
so I can once again re-change all my ID, SS#,car title, etc.

Of course I'll be reading blogs and looking for work on line.
Yep... a blah day!
But that's Monday for you.
What are you up to today?
Or tell us what weird things do you put in your box.



  1. A barrel of monkeys? Like, the game? Or a real... barrel of... monkeys? That box must be bigger than it looks. Anyway, he sounds like he's well-stocked for about a two week trip.

  2. Yep! A tiny version of the barrel of monkeys game.
    He's sort of a grazer... not much of an actual eater. Sugar junky.

  3. haha! I can appreciate how prepared he likes to be :-) I do have my bag lady bag that I carry back and forth to work with me. It has little odds and ends that I don't need in my regular purse, but might need...sometime? Also, whatever I'm reading and that day's lunch. Plus, I keep snacks and things in the cupboards at my desk. So, I guess, yeah...I understand his box :-)
    Hope your Monday turns out well!

  4. PS - That up there is me, laura b. Which you probably knew...but Blogger is being WEIRD! Surprising, I know.

  5. onlyoneihave-Ha! Yes I knew that was you!
    It does not surprise me to hear that you carry a book in there either. (I even keep a car book... just in case.)
    The sun came out and its looking fine now. Hope your Monday is great too.
    big grins!

  6. I guess it's his version of a big purse?

  7. secret agent woman- Ha! I think you're right. :D