Saturday, June 18, 2011

 Ha! We're dancing in the hole today...
because it's time for Saturday Scavenger Shots!
Today's word :"Soft".
This makes me particularly happy since...
well what's softer than a silly rabbit?

 Maybe the soft spot in my heart for those I love...

 or soft clouds...

 How about a cool soft drink on a warm summer day?

Or the soft flutter of tiny wings!

What sort of soft things can you think of?
Tell me what I missed.
If you would like to play this photo game,
and let them know that you want to join the fun.
Our word for next week: "cool". 

Thanks for stopping down the hole today...
have a great weekend celebrating the 
dads in your life!

The man has his birthday on Father's Day this year... so we're having twice the celebration.


  1. Dancing bunnies! They are huggably soft! Great idea.

    I love your family photo, and Happy Early Birthday and Father's Day wishes to "the man"! :)

    Thank you so much for playing! Next week's word will be "cool".

  2. Tata- Yay! You made it down the hole! Welcome!
    I love this game. I'm missed it since it sort of petered out last year and silly me... did not notice that you guys had started it back up. Very cool beans!
    Thank you for your wish for "the man" he will be pleased when I pass that on.
    I love this pic too... especially that Bear is holding onto Turkey's hair to keep his head up. Ha! And the man looks a bit like he's been on a week long bender. I think that's the lighting.
    So next week... cool it is! I've already got ideas perking in my head. Woot!

  3. EXCUSE ME! Make that "TARA" not "Tata"! What a typo! Sheesh. =:-/

  4. secret agent woman- Thanks! We will.

  5. Haha! What's funny is that someone else awhile back called me "tata" instead of Tara! :)

  6. I must be dense... I just put it together when I saw the family pic.

    I'll have to get used to thinking of you as silly rabbit. Just please don't start calling me Tata... I'm still cube ;-)

    Hope you and your family have a great Father's Day weekend.

  7. I love those pictures of your wonderful family! Nothing softer than that spot for loved ones, is there? I'm sooooo glad you are playing SSS with us!!!
    Happy Birthday to your husband! Hope you guys have a great day of celebrating :-)

  8. Tara-- Well of all the typos I can come up with! Glad you're a good sport about it.

  9. Cube- Nope. I'll always thing of you as a 3D square! =;-D
    You are never someone I'd call dense! Others had the advantage of an email from me, but I didn't have yours.

  10. laura b.- I am thrilled to be playing SSS again! I have missed it. I like the various dimensions of it... the photos, the word game of different meanings of the word and a place for humor and creativity. What could be more fun?

    We're getting ready to go to a Father's Day/ Birthday barbecue! Its going to be a great day.

  11. i wouldn't mind some soft ice cream right about now.

  12. billy pilgrim- Ha! I tried to find a photo of my grand daughter eating soft ice cream... but I've got so many photos. Good call!

  13. How about a cool soft drink on a warm summer day?

    How about a nice cold beer on a warm summer day?

    Happy Fathers Day to the dudes, I hope they get screwed real good.

  14. BBC- Hummm... I did put a soft drink up there.
    But a cool beer with a soft foamy head would work too. Good idea.

  15. They're dancing? I thought that one had just "homered" and the two were high-fiving. I mean, don't they look totally jacked?

  16. Will"take no prisoners"Hart- Hee hee! You're right
    they do look like they're high-fiving. And they do look totally jacked!