Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Blogger is not cooperating today.
It won't allow me to upload my photo planned for this post.
Weird, but blogger has been funky of late.
I was somewhat inspired by another blog post...
as often happens.
Pics from a lovely, peaceful yard.

Over the years I have encountered many wonderful yards.
Places of beauty.
Spaces enhanced by the sounds of life.
A spot where one can unwind in the cool of warm evenings
or wake with delicious slowness
on golden mornings.

GG had a glorious flower garden for "cutting"
that filled her home with color and sweet scents.

My mother was
not much of a garden bed sort of person.
Her home was in the woods and she allowed God to decorate the space where her patio ended.
However, her patio was her gardening space.
She loved "found items"...
pots of the various typical clay or ceramic ilk
gleaned from yard sales or second hand stores,
as well as things...
a hibachi filled with hen and chicks that spilled over its edges...
an old dented and battered enameled laundry tub
or hollowed out rock or stump.
She had a knack for looking at something and seeing potential.
What began as a simple, large concrete slab,
became an interesting space filled with these odd and not so odd
containers displayed on top of other found items to add height dimensions,
with plenty of room for chairs and tables.
I suppose that's where I get my love of being outside
whenever the weather allows.
We lived on her patio more than in the house.

My yard, despite my recent use of family work crews...
is in need of evolution.
It is fine, in that you don't look at it and think
of it as an unkempt mess. 
It simply has not matured into the yard it can be yet.
Interesting focal points are few and far flung.
It needs to be tied together.

There are spaces where old projects were ignored and allowed to
go back to seed... as in the case of the area just off our covered concrete
area and raised deck, that had once been a gravel extension...
and has now gone back to a mixture of grass and weeds.
When mowed, it seems to be spotty lawn.
I also have to wear heavy boots to mow and dodge flying gravel.
There are other neglected beds that need to be restored.

Its an on going project for me and one that I take great pleasure in doing.
I like to re-do or create in small areas at a time.
It gives me a sense of success to be able to look at a finished area.
The "aaahhh..." moment of satisfaction.

The yard isn't going to be what I envision for years.
I know that.
The best gardens evolve over time.
Unless you have the inclination and money to hire a professional
landscaping company.
I do not.
(either one)
But its more a matter of selfishness on my part.
I do not want to deprive myself of the pleasure of creating something
beautiful out of ho-hum.
I intend to be here for a long, long time
watching my garden grow...
living most of my life here


  1. Always good to live with a space for a while before you start projects anyway... see it in all seasons... how the light falls &c.

    I am tempted not to replace my back deck when the time comes, and put stairs down to a flagstone patio. More involved borders and, especially, low-growing herbs in between the stones.

    Step... crunch... mmmmmm.

    For now it's the kids domain mostly. I can't even think of fixing it up beyond cleanliness. I certainly don't want to worry about flower beds every time the boys go outside. No, thanks.

  2. Ooooo, I'm a fool. Forgot to check sign-in status or copy that last comment before attempting to post. This must be a lucky day.

    Believe me, I sympathize with the blogger issues. The price is right, but still...

  3. Cricket I'd like to put a flagstone walk in the front yard myself. I love the look of stone. And herbs... mmmmmmmmm. There's a creeping thyme that gives off a wonderful smell when you step on it. In fact, it likes you to step on it.

    I hear you on the kids! Shoot... Roxy and digging holes is driving me bats. She's dug a big space that can let critters under our deck. We have a bunch of cement blocks that I am going to bury across the end of the deck, then cover with a couple of inches of soil... but ssshhh... its a surprise for her!

  4. Oh, exactly. And it will also serve the purpose of making the place yours, too. And having herbs in the mix is incredibly rewarding.

  5. secret agent woman- Your pics were my thought inspiration! The man wants an herb garden so that he can explore more fresh herbs with his grilling.
    I even like the look of herbs and veggies mixed in with my flowers.

  6. My sister's pit bull, Pumpkin, likes to dig holes too. Mr. Cube calls her Gopher. She was worse as a puppy so maybe Roxy will outgrow it as she matures.

    An herb garden sounds like such a good idea. Have you seen the price of fresh herbs at the market? Yikes!

  7. Cube- I hope she outgrows it.
    You got that right... for the cost of a small bunch of herbs, you can buy a healthy plant that is established. Someone had a good marketing idea when they began putting those sprigs into packages. Wish it had been me!