Friday, June 10, 2011


Yay! You're here!

If you're wondering "what the heck?"
Allow me to explain!

OOF has been turned into a FAMILY blog.
The fact is that family... my new family has hacked into OOF!

You're here because you were OOF folk...
so you were likely there for the journey thru the frog pond
and all my other changes when I decided to change my stars and 
become a happier and healthier person
who was no longer alone and lonely.
I could not have done that without all your support!

I found my "perfect match"
and with him came his family... a good an welcome thing!
However, due to a glitch in Face Book (and aliencg did warn us!),
my then soon to be MIL
(NOT to be confused with MILF!)
found OOF.
Fortunately it was a good day for her to find it!

As in... no vulgarities, subtle sexual humor, or drug related stories from my misspent ( but fun) youth!
In other words, a fairy boring squeaky clean post.

I was sort of okay with it at first.
Its not like I'm a child and she's my actual mother and I fear her.
But it began to affect my creativity!
I found myself censoring my own words for content
like some crazy PG13 editor.

That made blogging less fun.
The truth is that I don't really like to behave!
I have a sort of oppositional defiant thing going on that I like.
I don't want to be normal and nice, nice.
I want to be me. The real me.
The one who looks back at me from the mirror...
with the thoughts that pop into my head...
naughty or nice.


I loved Funch for the freedom it gave me and quite unexpectedly, that freedom vanished.
The clincher came yesterday when another of Randy's relatives
got onto my FB page, and sent me a message telling me that MIL had told him that I had writings on the internet... could he read them?


That was it.  To turn him down would be rude when I am trying to find my place in this new to me family.

Clearly I had to go UNDERGROUND!
That is where you are right now.  In my underground blog world.
My nice safe hidey-hole where I can be creative and not give a carrot what anyone thinks...
where we can belch and fart and scratch literary itches!

Welcome to Silly Rabbit's Hole!
Thank you for coming!

Now then...

C'mon... tell the silly rabbit what you think!
Should I have just continued to do as I'd always done on Funch?
Or was it right to rabbit underground?
You're entitled to your opinion here as long as you are respectful of
me and mine... and that includes each of you!


  1. I completely get what you are saying! My family sees everything I say on Facebook. I guess it wouldn't be the worst thing if they read my blog, but I do think it could affect the way I wrote. I think you have done the right thing...I like the way blogging can be very warts and all. Looking forward to spending some time underground!!!

  2. laura b.-YAY! You are my first ever visitor to my underground. That's pretty special to me! Thanks for understanding. It was an automatic response and took me awhile to figure out. Why the heck was I not enjoying Funch when I loved it so much!
    I hate to insult anyone... and that respect for elders thing had hit me hard. But I think this is a good solution.
    And I am hopping with excitement to find you here laura b!!!

  3. i certainly have no place to judge. i can appreciate your concerns. i'm not sure what my reaction would be to certain folks in my 3d world reading my blog even though there is nothing there i am ashamed of. so if this allows you to still feel like you can be who you are then good for you.

  4. Well, hmmm, of course it's fine if it's what you need! Run away!!! or, hop away!! Beware that you did not use keywords on the home page that they could google - like funch and ananda. No idea if they would find it that way. My problem is that I think I'd like to do that, but I really don't want to give up my name! I had a friend find my blog accidentally by using a unique word that only he and I and a few other people knew because we made it up. He said he wouldn't continue reading and would leave it alone, and I believe he has. What will the future hold?

  5. lime- Its funny, I have always said that I have never done anything I'm ashamed of, but some things would still be embarrassing. :D
    Actually, its more that I want to be free to address things in my new family without having to worry about X being hurt because of what Z said... if you follow my drift... and having that explode in my face.

  6. NoRegrets- Thanks for the advice on keywords, which I'm sure I've already screwed up. Oops. I will have to be more careful.

    I did have remorse over not using the same names.
    "OOF" was mine totally and completely! It was written on my shoe by someone who had been to one heck of a beach party with me. It can't belong to anyone but me. So I actually mourned the silly name like it was slowly dying before I was able to let it go. I understand exactly what you are saying about your name.

    He must be a true friend to resist and not invade your privacy. A keeper? I think that this is my emotional clearing house... and I know that I am safe with all of you. I can say what I feel and not worry here. I used to do that at OOF.

  7. This is what my dear friend Cricket had to say that crabby blogger would not allow him to post!

    "You do what you need to do, believe me I understand. More on that maybe later. I have to say I'm delighted with the almost tangible happiness you're radiating... can feel it even through these intertubes. That says something.
    Looking forward to seeing the real you again in blogworld. Welcome back."

  8. Cricket- Thank you so much! I am truly happy, when I was so sure that I'd forgotten how that felt. Its amazing.

    Its great to be back!

  9. Cricket- Thank you for following me!

  10. Ha! Friggin' blogger. It seems to hate my PC but it tolerates the Macasaurus. Grrr. Well, I guess that settles something. Even weirder, if I compose a post on the PC, the formatting goes all to hell... like 10 spaces between paragraphs and stuff. I don't get it, but I suppose I'll try and comment from the Macasaurus from now on, pokey though it may be.

    Crank up the Richie Havens!

  11. Cricket- Interesting! I have a similar situation with my computers. Last week blogger inserted ginormous letters in the middle of OOF. I think it might be demented. =;-)

  12. You appear to have an actual conscience. As you know, I publish any damn thing and if someone doesn't like it... Your way is probably healthier.

  13. Yay! Thanks for coming down the hole!
    Actually. My biggest concern is keeping one family member from hearing what another family member is saying or thinking behind their back.
    Its a strange family. In my family we just blurt things out. No secrets to worry about.
    I have a shaky place in this group so far. Some are not all that happy that I've joined their club. Oh well.

  14. Good for you. As you know, I've done the same. But you might consider editing out the old blog name from this post so it can't come up in a google search.

  15. I of all people would be no one to criticize anyone else for going underground. Back in May of 2009 my birth-mother found my blog and with it a number of brutally honest things I'd posted about her. I knew that once she had the address she'd never back off from reading over my shoulder, so I switched URLs and have led everyone I know in real life to believe that my blog was permanently shut down.

    Freedom is everything here. You made the right choice.

  16. secret agent woman- You are right. I will go and do that now!

  17. BrightenedBoy- Nice to hear from you again!
    Yikes! You have my sympathy. The one of things I love most about blogging is the ability to be faceless. If I am troubled by someone's behavior in the family or elsewhere, this is where I air my feelings. I do not want to fear what someone will take offense to and give up my ability to speak freely.
    You said it perfectly... freedom is everything here! Thank you.

  18. I had to do that too a few years ago. Someone from my work found my blog and started talking about it loudly in front of other co-workers. I had to hide and not leave a trail.

  19. Churlita-- It seems we are not alone! I have found five different bloggers who have had to do the same thing.