Saturday, June 25, 2011


We're chill'n in the hole today!
Its Sat. Scavenger Shots day.
Our word is "cool".
I'm all iced up for the game...
as a snow bunny!

Now that summer has arrived...
a nice "cool" shaved ice would be the ticket!
While we're thinking about food,
which I often do...
Here's my new neighbor,
Chester Cheeto!
'Cause he's a "cool"
dude in a loose mood with cheese that goes crunch! 

That's all I've got in the hole to 
contribute today.
Except that this is a "cool" game to play and it's really "cool" that you showed up today.

If you are interested in playing the SSS
game too... join the fun!
Each week we get a new word, then
set about our merry way taking photos of the various meanings and connections for the word.
Search through pics you already have in your photo files, or if you get into a real bind,
you can use copy right okay images from the web.
So even the camera impaired and 
camera-not can play!
Are you up for a game?
Next week's word is:
Be sure you stop in at 

Eclectic Spaghetti

to let them know you are going to be a 


  1. The bunny's got a fair amount of girth there, my friend. That'll keep him warm.

  2. You're an awesome Rabbit! I love the shots...perfectly cool and perfectly fun :-)

  3. Will "take no prisoners" Hart- Ha! We bunnies do tend to pack it on!

  4. laura b.- Thanks! It is indeed fun!

  5. Mmmmm...shaved ice with Tigers Blood. Must be summer time.

  6. 3GirlKnight- Mmmmm... is right! Now if only I can find a place to buy one!