Friday, June 17, 2011



Some nitwit peed in the water supply!

Gratefully it was not MY water supply... but one to
the north, that was close enough to make our news.
Come to think of it, its kind of funny...
I like to call it P- land anyway.
(Irony... you gotta love it.)

Okay, if I'm honest when I heard this upon waking this morning
my response was to laugh.

Yes, yes, I know... "germs, disease, infection!"
(as Lucy would say when Snoopy kissed her)
It really is gross and who knows, he could have hepatitis or some other dread
illness that can be passed thru urine.

That's serious stuff and not what made me laugh.

Here's this young man, sort of spraddle legged walking
across the sidewalk to the reservoir  ledge
as he fumbles with this zipper,
gets things in hand and lets fly.

This guy is chuckling to himself.
You know he is.
This is his private giggle fest.

hee hee! I'm taking a pee and everybody will drink it 
and no one will ever know!

And he does this right smack-daub in front of the surveillance
 Marilyn Monroe couldn't have posed better.
Can you say cheese dude?

When he got caught he had the audacity to say

"It's not my fault!"

Hey fella, we saw the video...
no one had a gun to your head
no one was strong-arming you from behind
nobody else had their hands on your
zipper or wanker.
there weren't even any frat brothers daring you to
"do it!"
That was all you bud.

The reason it wasn't his fault, 
according to him,
was that the city should have had the reservoir
locked better...
'cause right after he finished, he knew it was wrong...
and he really felt bad.

We suspected he might be an idiot when he peed for the camera.
But he really proved it when he spoke to the news
and failed to take responsibility.

I don't know about you, but I am really tired of this sort of reasoning.
You hear it all the time on the news these days.
If you watch Judge Judy,
you here it there at least once a show.

The reason I beat my daughter is because her dad left me and I couldn't deal with her, so its her dad's fault that I hit her.

I shot six of my innocent class mates and two teachers
the 8th person I shot used to call me names.

Everything is the fault of someone or something else.

It was only peeing in the water supply, guy.
You had your dick in your hand...
you might as well have used your balls too and owned it.


  1. We're seeing that behavior more and more. A tale of two Anthonys comes to mind: Weiner and Casey. It took days for Weiner to come clean and we're still waiting for Casey to own up to what happened to Caylee.

    RE the guy who through the pee party in the drinking supply, maybe the town should consider
    something like this

  2. Well, unless you plan to head over to the reservoir and use a dipper, I'd think you don't have to worry too much about disease &c. How many birds do you think fly over every day? Yikes.

    I'm thinking of a greeting card I once saw: If you thought about all the places your dog's butt has been, you'd probably have to move.

    I get your point, though. A funny post all the same, though I still get a chuckle out of "Let's call her Euglena."

    Blogger has been giving me tics again. This time it hates the Mac. Grrrr. Trying again.

  3. cube- Ha! I love the "ool" sign!

    Exactly... we all knew Weiner was lying when he tried to deny it. And Casey will get his just desserts. Just man up people!

  4. Cricket- Ewww... birds! Where I used to live, they had a reservoir under a metal roof, but things would still get in there and die in it. They never bothered to shut the water down to clean it... they just threw in a super dose of chemicals. I'm not sure which was better, the cause or the cure.
    Truth told, my brother actually was the first to call her Euglena. But it sure fit!

  5. Heh, heh. My uncle had the "ool" sign. Also another that read "I DON'T SWIM IN YOUR TOILET. DON'T PISS IN MY POOL"

    Good Lord, I don't know what's up with blogger. Today I can't use the Mac but the PC works. I tried to comment 10 mins after you posted, but nuthin. No log in for you! Weirder still, I waslogged in... I had just published my own post, though the formatting came out weird and had to be tweaked.

    There's gremlins fer sure. Maybe I should email the "blogger team" saying "please stop fixing things!"

  6. Cricket- I don't know what is up with blogger. But I have similar problems. I'm finding that my laptop (Toshiba) will load most of a post then make me wait for 5 minutes to finish... if I try (not realizing that) to comment before it stops by accident, I get trapped! I have to do a cold stop to get out.
    Sometimes blogger won't let me comment no matter how solidly I am logged in or how totally loaded it is or if I'm on Hal (pc) or the lap top. Drives me bats!

  7. Cricket- the other thing that blogger is doing to me of late, is sending me my responses to posts via my email in doubles!

  8. What a great great closing paragraph to the post!

    And oh boy, that rabbit really freaks me out.

  9. I came over from Suldog! (Attracted by the rabbit!)
    That is a very weird photo. I wonder if its real or touched up?

    Nuts in May

  10. NoRegrets- Thanks. I had fun today!

    That rabbit does me too, but he also makes me laugh when he pops up!

  11. Maggie May- I've seen you at Suldog's too. I like your name. :D Yes, it is a seriously odd photo. I'm pretty sure its touched up. The ears aren't quite right and there is something off about its eyes. Thanks for dropping in! I do hope you'll came back.

  12. Is the rabbit "sure" if that's picture of him or not?

  13. OK disregard the email I just sent you because I found it. I just needed to read a little bit more before I had a premature emailucation. Have a good one.

  14. Will"take no prisoners"Hart-
    Sadly, the rabbit is never really sure of much of anything. =:-(
    But, Welcome to Silly Rabbit's Hole! Silly loves to make new friends.

  15. Mr.Shife- Oh no! Premature emailucation! Do they call that "E.D." or "P.E." ? hahahaha
    Actually, I think that was my fault. I think I left a / off the end and had a little "PE" myself.
    I just get so excited!

  16. Cricket: Ever since my computer decided to update itself to Internet Explorer #9, I have been unable to publish any post or comment on a blog that is Google-based. I have to rely on my backup computer that still utilizes IE7. Good luck on getting any help from Blogger support. Mostly that is just a forum for help from other users.

    BTW that rabbit has an astonishing resemblance to Russell Brand. Creepy.

  17. Cube- I see the resemblance. It really is a creepy rabbit!

  18. I am weirded out by the whole idea that water from a wide open reservoir goes directly to people for drinking. But that guy sounds like quite a dope.

  19. laura b.- I find reservoirs kind of disturbing too. We had deep artisian wells where I grew up.
    The first time I saw the "water shed" as they locally call the little reservoir in DPH, I wanted to drink bottled water for the rest of my life.
    If I was him, I would never have spoken to the new people on or off camera. He still has to go to court over it. His wattage must be low.

  20. I went out with someone who ran behind a closed gas station to pee when he was out drinking with his buddies and got caught on surveillance. His lawyer told him that if he was convicted, he'd go on the sex offenders registry for indecent exposure!

  21. secret agent woman- Yikes! That would be awful. He'd be stigmatized for life. Every time he got stopped or made a police report about an event, they would see that he was a sex offender and treat him very suspiciously and badly. He would never be able to expunge that from his record and be passed up for jobs. In this world, where everyone checks your background, that would affect everything from dating to where he could or could not live. Shoot, he'd have to avoid schools and parks, etc.
    That's a bit of overkill for needing to pee!

  22. ok, the picture is hilarious. your last on!