Thursday, June 16, 2011


The man had given me assignments before he left yesterday morning.
 Lately I have begun to recognize places and have a much 
clearer picture in my head where things are
 in this big warren.
I pulled my best can-do attitude out of the hat and set out on the road.
First stop, the first bank.  No problem.
I used my magic cards and got the cash in hand.
I had about 45 minutes to kill before the other places I needed to go opened.
My tumbly was grumbly, so I stopped in at my favorite place for a breakfast nibble.
Next stop the pharmacy... where I bought a "lucky" bamboo plant and other things.

Back home again, I dropped those things off and checked to be sure that
my fiercely friendly pig bull had not allowed the magazine scammer
to return and remove our things.
I decided that since I was going on the freeway that I should take my phone with me.
No phone.  Not anywhere.
I ran across my old pay as you go phone... it had 3 minutes left and I decided that was "lucky",
and it would do for an emergency.

Zoom... off to the Emerald City to get our certified copy of our marriage license.
I was sure that I knew how to get to the green bridge that I had to cross.
Wrong lane choices sent me under the bridge instead of over the bridge,
then back the way I had come.
I could see it.
Eventually I crossed it.
I found a perfect parking spot, got in, grabbed my "proof" and headed back home
in a shake.
This time I only made one wrong turn.
Luck was still with me!

In my self defense... these are all one way streets and do not look anything like the way you arrive  vs
the way you leave.

Back in familiar turf, I manage to get a few things that the man wanted me to pick up
at a different store near where I had eaten earlier.
I decided to stop in and ask if I might have left my phone there.
They were very helpful!
My waitress and the owner helped me look around the booth where I had sat.
We couldn't see it but maybe it fell between the seat and the wall...
there was a crack there.
The owner offered to pull the bench seat out.
The waitress says
"Wait, give me your number... we'll see if we can hear it ring!"
A much saner idea.
Then we heard my boob ring.
I think they are probably still having a chuckle about it.
At least I didn't lose it... I suppose that's lucky after all.

I resisted the urge to peal out and made my way to the second bank.
No problem there.  Phew!
I even found my way  back home...
where I found this...

That was one of my slippers and one of my duck feet.
Now I only have my tennies and my hiking boots.
Neither are summer shoes.
I thought rabbit's feet were supposed to be lucky!
And what about that darned lucky bamboo?



  1. lol. Sounds like you had a heck of a day. Report that lucky bamboo plant to the Better Business Bureau.

  2. Cube- Darn pants without pockets!

    That plant probably came from China! What was I thinking?

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  4. Living up to the name pig bull!
    And why didn't he(she/it) eat the bamboo? That would have been lucky.
    You're lucky you know your cell phone number!
    Now go get lost...

  5. Shoes is shoes and dogs is dogs and that is that.

    Better hurry up and buy some before the fall line comes in. I just got the last two pair of sandals in my size over to the Mal Wart... and it's only June fer cryin' out loud.

    God help you if you ever need a bathing suit after the 4th of July.

  6. NoRegrets- LOL! You know if I hadn't been looking for work and writing it down so many times, I wouldn't have known my own number. Too true.
    As for the pig bull... that's a great question as she has no trouble chewing on the bamboo in the back yard. I think she was mad that I wasn't there to play and didn't take her with me. She's a spoiled brat!

  7. Cricket- Hee hee. Isn't that the truth? I once tried to buy a coat with my Christmas bonus and what did I find? Bathing suits!

  8. haha! Sounds like, when all is said and done, it was lucky day...except maybe for your shoes. But surely that was balanced out by Roxy's rewarding day of chewing :-)
    I have gotten so dependent on my cell phone. When I can find it, I get pretty panicky...

  9. laura b.- I have always used my bra as an extra set of emergency pockets. I don't know why I didn't think to look there, except that I was in a hurry.
    Roxy does take good care of her teeth! The duck feet were old and well worn as were the slippers.
    I guess I'll get new ones... and that's kind of lucky.
    Yep. My cell phone is my little friend!