Friday, June 24, 2011


The bamboo has had another growth spurt.
I've kept it trimmed into sort of a ball shape.
Recently, J pointed out that it looks a bit like Wilson,
the volleyball from that Tom Hanks movie.

I had a teeny tiny visitor yesterday...
can you tell what it is?
Its a freshly hatched baby Preying mantis.
How can something so cute grow up to be a monster bug?
I did not sleep well last night and got up several times.
I had a nightmare.
I dreamed that I was at the wedding we have to go to this evening
and I managed to sit in something in the church that made it look like I'd had a scary accident... so I had to hide in the truck for the reception.

I am sure it's anxiety over how well I'll be received.

Somehow I have managed to be cast into the 
wicked step mother role.

Well, I've got errands to run...
wedding present to buy...
I need to find a skirt to wear...
and pay bills.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
I hope I do too!


  1. I never sleep well when there is some important event scheduled the next day. The day of my nephew's baptism, I was up at 3am. Nerves, I guess or maybe part of me relishes the quiet time when I know my family is safe & sound, yet I have the house to myself.

  2. Cube- Nerves is my problem. but I have been known to get up very early to have the peaceful house and family feeling too.

  3. I understand that some people keep praying mantiseseses as pets!

    I can't imagine anyone less suited to the role of evil stepmother than you. You are so open and warm! I feel certain this will resolve itself.

    Hope you enjoy the wedding...and that you found a great stain resistant skirt ;-)

  4. laura b.- I've seen too many bug war shows to ever want to trust one of these scary guys! HA

    Thank you. I will behave, in the end its what I always do. I have to get walked on for a long time before I blow up. But it does hurt my feelings when someone looks for things that aren't there.

    I hope so. I'm nervous about my place in it.

  5. You have a wonderful weekend as well, and I hope the wedding goes well. Don't let that anxiety ruin it for you. Take care.

  6. i never used to like bugs but my boys loved them since he was about 2. one time he found a preying mantis and just enjoyed making it track his finger and watching its jointed head move.

    i hope the wedding went well.

  7. Mr.Shife- I hope you are having a wonderful time too.
    You hit the nail on the head... anxiety sucks.

  8. lime- I loved bugs when I was little. I used to put them in a shoe box filled with sand. I found some beauties... beetles with pretty, shiny coverings. When I showed them to my dad, he had a fit. They were Japanese rose beetles and the yard was under attack! Out came the powder puffer and the war was on. I simply did not get that and only under duress did I allow him to bomb my beetles.