Thursday, October 13, 2011


Happy birthday to the one and only 
My amazing pirate and trickster granddaughter turns 10 today.
This gal has a kicking sense of humor and a Sneaky Pete
way of creeping into your heart.
I had a good laugh yesterday...
usually my unemployment pay day.
Went to check to be sure that my check was indeed there...
and it wasn't.
But there on the site was a notice that made me giggle.
It said
"Due to a processing problem, checks will be processed a day late."
A processing problem?
Of course there was a problem...
They had Columbus Day off and no one was there to 
process anything!
I'm guessing that they don't want to remind us that while
we are waiting for our meager pittance,
they are having a paid day off.

This morning we found out that there will be
another new grand baby soon...
the man's daughter is expecting.
This will be her third child.
So we'll have two new babies to enjoy!

The crew from College Game Day is in town.
They are filming for this weekend's
Duck game.
Arizona State vs the Ducks.
It's a night game and we will be there.
Of course by then all the filming will be over...
except for the game.

It looks like the rain has forced the grass to grow.

Guess what I'm getting ready to do?

I get to use my new mower one more time before
putting to bed for the winter.
My brain is kapoot.
That's it for thoughts today.
It should be full by tomorrow when I can empty it again.


  1. Except for the age difference, Sukey looks like she would've gotten along with my girls.

    Two babies is twice as good as one. Yay! My sister had a boy in late 2009 and my brother had one in mid 2010. They are at the running around stage now and we can't get enough of them.

    We aren't anywhere near the stage where we don't need to mow. Mr. Cube doesn't care because he has a nifty new tractor to play with. He even mows the older neighbor's yard across the street. She tries to pay him, but he tells her her money is no good.

  2. Cube- Sukey gets along with everyone! If they had been the same age, I bet they could have been tearing it up together.

    I love babies at that age, but it can be exhausting in a great way.

    Good for Mr. Cube! There is nothing like a wonderful neighbor. Every time I think about Mr. Cube's tractor, I want to play with it!

  3. Congrats on the new addition to the family, and happy birthday to the granddaughter. Hope it is a magnificent one. Good luck to the Ducks. Hope they beat the heck out of ASU. Not a big fan of their coach.

  4. Happy Birthday to her! And congrats to you on all the grandbabies!

  5. Happy Birthday, Sukey! Great face!

    Good luck to your Ducks! My BC Eagles are as bad a team as I've seen around here since pre-Flutie days. The only good thing about them is Luke Kuechly, the best linebacker in the world, but his value is lost on this horrible team.

  6. I think I've probably got at least one more, maybe two more, lawn mowings this season. But it's also in need of raking!

  7. Belated happy birthday to the lovely Sukey! She reminds me a bit of my Miss Personality :)
    Also congrats on the upcoming babies. I think it will be a while before we see anymore in my clan.

  8. That's a wonderful pic... says a lot, I think. The kind that later in life will be both an embarrassment and a treasure, if you know what I mean.

  9. Let's be real... Suki and my girls would've gotten into much mischief together :-)

    As far as the tractor goes, you would love it. Mr. Cube finally treated himself to a new one after many years of keeping the old one working on spit and a prayer. He is a sight with his sniper-related cap, sunglasses, country music playing in his ears, and chomping on a cigar.

  10. Yay babies! Yay other people's babies that you can turn in when you're done! yay!

  11. well happy birthday to sukey and congrats on the new grandbaby to be :)