Saturday, October 8, 2011


Welcome to another edition of 
Saturday Scavenger Shots!
Our word this week : secret.

Here is what I believe is the secret to living forever...
Our families!
We live on in the hearts and memories of those who love us.
Besides, who wants to actually live forever?
I don't want to know what I would look 
like in a thousand years.

See this snoozing, snoring middle aged man?
He is the secret to my happiness!

This blanket was crocheted for my X...
by a woman friend.
I liked it so much that I sort of stole it when 
I moved away.
hee hee
But that's a secret!
Don't you dare tell anyone.

Here is a special thing...
Its my blog!
I say it is very special because this is where I can
tell all my secrets...
and not have to worry about anyone seeing what 
I say and blabbing to anyone I don't want to 
hear them.
It is a safe and secret place
full of good friends who can be trusted...
because they really don't know who I am or even where I really live.
'Cause those are secrets too!

I hope you enjoyed this week's 
game and will go to the other player's 
blogs to see what secrets they share
in pictures.
Just visit laura b.'s 
"What Fresh Hell Is This?"
on my side bar and tell her you are playing
and then get busy 
telling us your secret ideas. 



  1. I secretly covet that crocheted blanket ;-)

  2. If you really want to keep it secret, put it on the Internet :)

  3. dmarks- Ha! A valid point! Luckily I don't have many secrets worth keeping very secret. Mostly I'm free to swear if I want or grumble about relatives. I've never been dumb enough to post any nude shots... or email them. Let's say I have innocent secrets. =;]

  4. All good secrets! And you know, I'm kind of find of the whole secret thing.