Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mystery House

My house is a bit of a mystery to me still.
I moved into the man's house and it is full of his stuff...
much of which I have not seen.
He collects things.
Lots of things.
Not like a hoarder...
but in an orderly way that fills up a great deal of our storage space.

I came across this great game the other day!
Being a sci-fi fan I was thrilled to find it.
It was his when he was in high school.
Very complex as games go.

The enemy are bugs, so you play on this sort of hive grid.
It has a rule book that rivals any of my appliance manuals.
At least its not in three different languages.
That thing up there is one of the brain bugs.
Very cool.
It also has a bazillion pieces and thingies.

All in tiny boxes with careful labeling.
The man says it takes hours to play.
I am tempted to learn how.
But I don't know.
And complicated?
The man ran off to copy the game pads into the computer...
so I guess that decides it.
One of these nights, we will play.
He always wins at strategical games.
I feel doom coming.

But it is very cool isn't it?
I'm also impressed that he never lost a single game piece.
And that its in such good condition.
I think the only item I have from the 70s
is my Mickey Mouse watch.

I'll let you know how the game goes.
I think I'll let him be the hero...
and I'll be a bug.

So do you have cool things tucked away?
Or are you more like me...
tossing way more than you keep?


  1. I do tend to save stuff, but I don't know how cool much of it is.

    I wish I still had the many board games I loved as a kid - Mousetrap, Crazy Clock, etc. I'd love to play some on those again.

  2. That is very cool. I say play it, just so you can say you did.

    If there's a villain for hoarders, that's me. And no, you can't count the boxes of books piled in my bedroom. *sigh* I should get rid of those things. It's not like I'll ever read them again.

  3. bugs and a hive!!

    close your eyes and channel andrew wiggins!

  4. Suldog- I love stuff like that. The only trouble I have with Mouse Trap is that it takes so long to get the machine set up and then someone gets to set it off... that would not be me. Just once I'd like to be the one who trips the trap.

    3GirlKnight- Oh we will play it! I like the idea of being the bad bug. I am a book hoarder. They are my dear friends and I feel guilty if I let go of them. =:(

    billy pilgrim- I'll need to in order to win! Andrew Wiggins would Ender those bugs... ah, I mean Starship Troopers!

  5. I have a few things - some childhood books and that sort of thing. But mostly, I don't like to hold on to tons of stuff.

  6. Very cool game. I didn't know it had that much history behind it. I just thought "Starship Troopers" was pretty bad movie I saw in college. Most of the collectibles I have is sports stuff, but Kyle is working on a pretty nice Geo Trax collection right now. Some of that stuff goes for a lot on eBay.

  7. secret agent woman- My toys and games were played with to the point of falling apart. If I keep anything, it has meaning. I have a few of my mother's antiques for example. Or my Mickey watch, which she gave me to replace the first one my folks gave me when its spring finally broke after 15 years. I get a lot of stuff, but I get rid of a lot of stuff. Things don't often mean that much to me.

  8. Shife- Ah, the horrible movie version! What you see in the movie is only a few chapters out of the book and the book is part of a series. The books were wonderful. The movie not so much!
    As for sports stuff... well! The man has many boxes in several different cupboards and closets. I'm not kidding. Thousands of cards and memorabelia all in prime condition. Most in original packaging. They line shelves.
    Glad that K has stuff he loves like that. My boys were big into Legos, Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Star Wars. I think I spent a fortune on them.

  9. I agree about the books being better than the movie, but I hadn't heard of the game version. It sounds cool to me. The big brain bug was the best.

    As kids we played many board games, but they're gone except for Monopoly, Scrabble, and Othello. I do remember Tip It, which was fun, and the horrible balloon game KABOOM which gave me my lifelong fear of balloons.

    I do collect books myself, but also have a lot of Star Trek stuff. I do have a Star Wars version of Life and Star Trek Monopoly.

    As I get older, I realize I shouldn't have collected so much stuff over the years. If I could live my life over again, the second time would've be much more clear of clutter.

  10. Cube- The big brain bug was the best!

    I wasn't usually very good at games but played anyway. I never played KABOOM but it sounds horrible if it scared you. Those awful cymbal clapping monkeys scared the crap out of me!

    I think my moves over the years to and from CAL to OR did away with most of my stuff. That and making room for the kids' things that came along. Moving here was the ultimate clutter reducer. I was happy to leave the clutter with my kids who wanted it. Ha.

  11. KABOOM was a game that hooked up a balloon to a gizmo that filled up a balloon with air by pushing a button. You rolled the dice and whatever number you got, you had to push the button and fill the balloon. The one who popped the balloon was the loser. What sadist thought up that game.

    I never liked those monkeys either or their cymbals. More sadists at work.

    I know I need to loose some clutter, but just can't seem to pull it off. I'm too settled in my ways. I believe it will be an on going process with me.

  12. the mr. and i save different things. i just acquired my mom's old movie camera and boxes of reels of film. he helped a local widow with home repairs and was happy to be paid in a stack of old table games.