Sunday, October 30, 2011



I've found out that some of my new family do not celebrate Halloween...
because it's
"Satan's holiday."

Oh dear.  
Well, they are entitled to their opinion and I will respect that.
Yet I disagree.
No doubt there are some sick-os out there who will use it that way.
There is no day out of the year that can't be made evil.
It's only evil if you make it evil.

Besides, it was originally nothing more than a day of 
celebrating the harvest...
a lot like our Thanksgiving.
It did not get its "evil" attachment
until hundreds of years after the British Isles
became Christian
and monks decided to write down the area's folk tales.
The monks interjected the idea that all things
supernatural... faeries, gremlins, etc.
were demonic beings...
and embellished the folk tales to include a devil-based nature.
So it goes.

I had a great weekend.
Duck game at Autzen on Saturday.
We won.
However, our defense was a bit off.
It was good to see the return of our injured players...
Darren Thomas and Le Michael James.
Though neither played as much as we are used to seeing.
Afterward to Todd's for BBQ.

Sunday we spent the morning hunting.
We climbed UP.
Very steep paths that left my shins aching.
Bambi and all his relatives are safe from us for another year.
No deer for the freezer.

The freezer still has high hopes...
Todd can hunt through Weds. for buck.
Then he has a week of doe hunting.
I've got my fingers crossed...
and a rumbling in my tummy!

To secret agent woman-
I forgot to answer your question...

"What is November 16th?"

That is the day that all people who love and care about
a certain Silly Rabbit celebrate her birthday.


Now then... I'm off to buy candy to give to the kiddos...
because I love the trick of seeing their eyes light
up when I compliment their costumes
and drop a sweet bit of something into their bags.
As far as I am concerned,
Halloween is a day to make children happy.
I don't think there can be enough of those days.



  1. Happy Halloween!!!!!! And good luck with the hunting.

  2. billy pilgrim- I don't know him, but it wouldn't put it past him.

    Mr. Shife- Thanks and Happy Halloween to you too! I can imagine what K is wearing and you going door to door, proud daddy. I truly miss that.

  3. Oh! Indeed and important date then! :-) Both my fellas have November birthdays.

    Ho can anyone get wrapped up in worries about Satan when there is candy to be had?

  4. Funny, I just saw a segment on (where else) Fox, about the "war on Halloween." A tough one for them, I guess... almost guaranteed to confuse the Bible Belt viewers.

    Maybe not precisely Satan's holiday, but a dentist's delight all the same.

  5. I think it's just harmless fun for the kids and the adults can join in too. We spent it with my family... my brother was dressed as a 9 foot killer clown (yes, he wears stilts)... but it's all harmless fun ;-)