Sunday, April 29, 2012

Turkey and grandma.

Aside from the fact that I sort of went crazy for one day...
and I am not kidding about that...
this little guy has taken up most of my time the last week.

His mom was having classes and clinicals...
and his dad was away on business.
Uncle Squeaky lives with them, but he's in school as well.
Good old grandma was called into active duty.

I was collected by Bear and hauled off to her new abode.
I had forgotten what apartment living was like.
Now I recall why I don't care for it.
Neighbors can be real pests.

Not that it was bad.
I had a great time playing with Turkey and Sadie.
Sadie is their boxer.
Boxers are kind of like how an insect would be if they were a dog.
All bones and crazy angles!

Sadie has a one track mind that screams...
"Throw the rope!"
I literally threw the rope for three days straight.
She slept at the foot of my bed
and followed me to the bathroom.
Hey, you never know when I might throw the rope!

In the evenings, we all watched "The Killing" 
from the beginning because Bear had not yet been introduced.
The days went quickly... and soon they brought me home again.
Roxy could not believe that I had cheated on her...
but she could smell the evidence.

Its always nice to come home.
The man was happy to see me and the sink was full of dishes.
Nice too, to be needed.
Bear and Turkey stayed for two days to visit.
Turkey and I planted seeds for the garden.
He has promised to come back when they are ready to go into the bed.

 I let Turkey trowel in the dirt...
poke holes and drop in the seeds...
He even covered them up and watered them.
I made the little signs.
Ok.  I guess Turkey planted seeds for the garden.

This morning they were up early and off to their own home.
The man and I had a lazy day...
watching Babylon 5 episodes and little else.

Its too soon to tell you about my experience with going crazy.
I'll wait a day or two.
I really need to have the time to roll the experience around in my head
before I make any confessions or comments...
except to say that the man is very glad that I've gone back to simply 
a little nutty once more.
Me too.

For right now... like Sadie, I'm pooped!


  1. I'm interested in the "crazy" story, but only when you're ready to tell it! :)

    It sounds like you had a really good time with the family!

    Sometimes it's very relaxing and fun to do a little gardening!

  2. I find watching the grands exhausting. Fun, but much more tiring than it ever was when I was the young mom :) I love the pictures in this post! You seem like a nice, patient grandma.
    I, too, look forward to hearing about the craziness when you are ready to share.

  3. wow, that's an excellent picture of sadie! i can't think of a better way to spend time than with grandchildren.

  4. Tara- I'm still trying to figure it out... thanks for your patience. I love to garden and nothing is better than being with family for me. Nothing!

    laura b.- Yes, they can be exhausting! Turkey is 5 now, which seems impossible but he can focus on a task and loves the one on one attention. It is easy to be patient with him.

    billy pilgrim- Sadie is very photogenic! She has a crazy look for every situation. A very fun dog. You are right, there is no better way to spend my time. =:]

  5. i'm g;ad you had such a nice time together.

    thanks also for the prayers for me. lots of naps today,for sure.

  6. lime- You are most welcome dear lime! I am glad that you are getting lots of naps in. The body can do the most amazing things while we sleep. =:]

  7. Glad you are recovering from the exhausting, but fun job of being grandma. The crazy part is intriguing.

    BTW that photo of Sadie is priceless.

  8. What seeds did you start for the garden?

    Great photo at the end!

  9. Well that is a great picture of Sadie, and I am glad you had a good time getting called back into active duty. Sorry that you went crazy but you glad you recovered. Take care, talk to you soon, and have a great weekend.

  10. Well... hope all is well. Did you buy a lot of shoes? ;-) Anyways, it's time for me bed.