Monday, April 16, 2012


We knew they were coming...
Boo, Saucy and baby,
so that Grandpa Fuzzy could meet Ollie.
They seemed to really like each other.

But I got a great surprise!

My grandson that I have not seen in over 2 years...
and his sister...
Olivia, or Ollie as I like to call her...
is Sukey and Robert's sister too.
So the whole gang arrived together.
 As you can see, Ollie is growing fast.
She is a good baby.
Very little fussing at all.
She enjoys gazing in people's eyes
and listening to them talk.
Luck was with us... the weather was gorgeous all weekend long!
We were able to BBQ burgers and sit on the patio.
I have missed days like these so much!
Boo helped around the yard and house.
He built my treadmill... which turned out to be quite a task.
I'm not sure how many times it was partially assembled and then
partially un-assembled to be reassembled again before it was finished. 
Roxy was in pig bull heaven.
So many people to play with...
and Sukey even slept with her.
According to Roxy, it does not get better than that.
Like all wonderful times,
the weekend ended too soon.
This time I was okay with waving good bye.
No tears.
My family does not seem so far away these days.
They seem happy to make the trip here.
And I know my kitty is almost ready to furnish us with a trip back up there.
But poor Roxy has been moping around the house all day.
She looked for them on the patio several times...
as if they had only wandered off a bit.
She checked all the rooms and they weren't there.
Poor Roxy.


  1. It's never enough for the animals... :-) Glad you had such a great weekend! Who is grandpa fuzzy? And yes, Ollie is growing fast!

  2. NoRegrets- Grandpa Fuzzy is "the man", my husband. =:] Roxy is all boo hoo tonight. She keeps her head on my leg. I think she is trying to make sure that I'm not going to sneak away too.
    Ollie really is an angel of a baby. Just like her dad was. The rest of mine were not. We used to call them "deevils". I can't get over how big she is already.

  3. Sounds like you had a great weekend. It doesn't get any better than family especially when they have kids in tow.

    Ollie is getting big, but so is Sukey. She looks so much older than the last picture of her you posted.

    Poor Roxy. She sounds like my dogs get when company leaves. We call our dogs love hogs. They can never get enough attention.

  4. What a wonderful weekend! You must have been so excited to see your grandson after a couple of years passing. Your grandchildren are all beautiful :)
    Poor Roxy. I guess she'll just need a little extra attention from her people who remained.

  5. He looks like a happy mountain man. The bigger one that is.

  6. Cube- You are so right! They are all growing too fast. Sukey looked like a little girl, now she's on her way to being a tween. Meanwhile Robert just became a teen. He can put away enough food for a small army to prove it. :)

    Poor Roxy. Every time she gets a good litter, they leave.

    laura b.- Indeed it was! I whooped as soon as I saw Robert. Grandmas and grand kids are not meant to be apart for so long. I took Roxy for a drive today. She loves to ride in the car. She has stopped looking for the kids but she is still staying close to me.

    dmarks- Yep. A furry wild thing. Ha! Actually he's not quite mountain sized. Only a couple of inches taller than me. But he is very strong and well muscled.

    billy pilgrim- I am one lucky person! Happy too.

  7. I'm glad you had a good visit, the baby is adorable (then again, all babies are!)

  8. Oh what a great visit! I'm so glad you are getting some wonderful family time.

  9. siverthoughts2- Babies are all adorable. =:)

    Secret Agent Woman- I am and it has been so nice to feel connected again. Randy and Boo are fond of each other and work well together on projects. They have made plans to do things this spring. I can't wait for them to come back.

  10. Aw, Roxy looks so happy with your grandson! That's a beautiful family you have there, Silly Rabbit!

    I usually get at least a little emotional when I have to say goodbye to my brothers who live in other states.

  11. Glad you had a wonderful visit and the weather cooperated. Hope you get to see them again soon. Have a wonderful weekend.

  12. The expression on fuzzy's face just says it all, doesn't it? Ahhh, yes, perfection on a stick, I'd say. Roxy wears her heart on her sleeve, bless her. Sounds like you've had a brilliant family "fix", um, how about I send my own over for a bit..?

    (Kidding, kidding, of course I'm - sorta' - kidding..)

  13. i am so glad you got the joy of loving on all three of your grandbabies! big yay for that! and the pic of ollie and fuzzy is just precious. such happiness there.

  14. Hey girl, just checking in. Hope all is well with you.