Monday, April 9, 2012

Howling Wolf

Howling wolf.

The man asked me if I could get gas for him...
Unfamiliar area of town and I was very low on fuel
The station I tried first did not accept cash.
Off I set nervously for another station...
the only one I knew of was about a mile away.

I made it!
I got in line.
The pumps were all full and I was two cars back
from the pumps.
Eventually the three cars at the pump moved on...
and three of us pulled forward.
You know how that goes.

I am now second in line at the middle pump.
I am trapped by the car ahead and the car behind.
Both were big trucks.
The one in front of me took a long time to be filled.
But I had to flag down the attendant for a receipt.
Just as he returned and I was able to drive away...

A big black SUV pulls in from the wrong direction...
not waiting in line like everyone else...
facing me.
She gives me a big smile showing how clever she thinks she is.
I look in my mirror and the big truck behind me is 
having its second tank filled too.
I am trapped.

I look at the driver now blocking my exit and shrug...
the universal sign for "what the heck?" 
I was not rude about it.
I thought that perhaps she had not noticed that she was trapping me.

She laughed...
and did a mock shrug back at me.
I am a mature adult.
She is an immature jerk.
I can ignore the immature jerk.

 Fifteen minutes later...
the attendant pulls the nozzle out of her tank.
I start my engine in anticipation.

The jerk jumps out of her car...
leaving me blocked in and her open pump not able to be used.
There is a long line behind me now.
There are many empty parking places at the mini mart
right next to where she is blocking me in.
I say
She tossed back her head and laughed
as she entered the mini mart.

I wave frantically at the attendant.
He is swamped and shrugs...
the universal sign for
"What the hell do you want me to do about her?"
I look in my mirror and the big truck is still filling.

I hear his pump click off and think...
Only he gets out of his truck and pulls three big gas cans out of the back.
I watch sadly as he unscrews all three lids.
But really, 
he has several cars behind him and can't move anyway.
We are both trapped until the jerk moves.

She comes back out and as she walks up to her car...
tossing her trash onto the hood of my little truck.
How rude!

I sit mouth agape...
but once more starting my engine up.
She just sits there.

The big truck behind me honks.
I cannot go anywhere.
But the cars behind him begin to back up.
They want to get gas and leave too.
As soon as he gets free...
I get to back up and go around the jerk.
She revs her engine as I maneuver around her bumper...
like she is going to ram me.

I figure it out just in time...
she is now in a hurry to get out before the car
behind me can get to the pump and block her in.
He is likely unsympathetic since she made him wait too.
I slow down enough to let him slide into place.

I give her another shrug...
this one is the universal sign for
"Awwww... too bad!"

She starts honking her horn at me... 
at the car behind me...
at the cars behind her.
She is now screaming and flipping me off.
But that's okay.
I'm a mature adult.
Of course that did not keep me from laughing...
while I returned her sign.


  1. She threw trash on your hood?!?! Wow. Just... wow. I am so glad you were able to leave her helpless and furious. I'd say instant karma knocked her right on the head!

  2. Secret Agent Woman- Indeed she did! It was only a candy wrapper, but very insulting. The whole incident was nuts. I've never seen an adult get so much pleasure out of frustrating someone else.

    You have to love instant Karma. =:]

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I'm as mature as the next person, but there are some people who deserve some torment flung back at them. This woman certainly got off easy in light of how inconsiderate she was to you and the other customers, but I'm glad you got the last laugh.

  5. There is something rather comforting about actually getting to see someone get what they deserve. She sounds like such a jerk!

  6. Holy hell, what a.....witch. I can't believe she was so incredibly rude! I'm so glad you got your vengeance.

    I love that photo of the wolf carving!

  7. was she old, young, fat, skinny, beautiful, ugly.... i just can form a picture in my mind.

    next time bring roxy to ride shotgun.

  8. Cube- I was so flustered that I didn't enjoy it as much as I should have. Its taken me 3 days to calm down enough to blog about it.

    laura b.- An incredible jerk! There was some satisfaction in seeing her trapped too. But hard for me to let go of the fume.

    Tara- That was a nice bit, but still I do not understand it.

    billy pilgrim- Originally I did give a physical description. But I removed it because I was being mean about it. Ha. She was probably 30-32. I am unsure about her ethnic affiliation. Maybe middle eastern, Latin or even First Nation. Dark hair, eyes and skin anyway. Nicely build and very attractive actually. Well dressed, very nice big black SUV of the sort that you imagine is filled with body guards.
    It reminded me of the scene in Fried Green Tomatoes where Kathy Bates rams the young girls who think they are hot and clever and steal her parking place, saying "We're younger and faster"... then Kathy rams their VW repeatedly with her Detroit sled and says "I'm older and have better insurance." But I did not go Tawanda on this gal. I only felt like it.

  9. Peggy- Interesting that your comment showed up in my email before it is showing up here.

    Ha! Your hometown is my hometown. =;] Actually to be honest, blame my calmer than "used to be" response on Randy. He is an extremely patient person who relaxes even in the most crazy intense situations. He just sits and waits with the attitude that you can't change it, so why get upset? I am getting better at it, but its a work in progress. I did think about ramming her car until she backed up.

  10. I would have done a Kathy Bates on her, except more along the lines of Misery than Fried Green Tomatoes. Oh my lord, the nerve! If anything, the attendant should have gotten a manager to deal with her.

    1. When you say kathy Bates, I think "Misery".

  11. Wow. You have self control! I would have been on her hood, or something. I'm sssooooo glad you were able to get her back though. Hopefully she doesn't go home and beat her kids, because someone like that probably would.

  12. Excellent! I hope she had to wait there all f***in' night.

    Me, I would have had to get out and pop her one in the nose, or at least defiled her ride in some way. You were far more patient than I ever could have been. And it appears you got a reward for your patience!

  13. i can't believe she had the nerve to throw trash on your hood. i'm glad you and te other guy blocked her in. what a jerk.