Wednesday, April 11, 2012



Time to put up the Heineken tree...
shop the ads and buy...
because its Tax-Mas!

The man got a new 24" flat screen TV for his shop.
He's building a special sealed and vented cabinet to keep it in
with a plexiglass front.
I am watching in amusement.

I made a careful choice.
 Walking here is hard for me.
I miss my gym that had no traffic, no bad weather,
and no pot holes or sidewalk cracks.
My safe little capsule where I could plug into my 
MP3 player and walk without any worry about where I was going.

except for the time that I tripped up the steps and fell down
into a trash can that led to months of physical therapy.
Boy you guys have good memories!

walking here proved to make me very anxious about what was 
happening around me as I walked.
I tried walking around the back yard, which is big,
but not very level or safe for my cranky ankle.
I began to walk inside the house.

That worked really well...
except that it excited Roxy...
who wanted to run next to me and leap around...
which led to happy yips and yaps...
and a very grouchy day sleeper waking up grumpy...
and my having to lock Roxy outside...
where she whines and makes me feel guilty.

So my choice this year is a 
I am hoping that it will not excite the dog.
If it does, 
its back outside for Roxy.
This is too expensive not to use daily.

We picked it up today.
I am so excited!
It was too heavy for us to carry alone.
So we unpacked it in the back of the truck.
I carried all the smaller parts inside
and the man helped me haul in the big heavy part.

Now it lays in a pile right where I want it to live...
in front of a sliding door by our family room 
where I can see outside,
open the door when its warm for a breeze,
or watch the big screen TV.
Though most of the time I'll be plugged into my MP3 player.

Tomorrow we have to buy a special surge protector.
Then we can begin to assemble it.
I am so very excited!
I can't wait to start walking on it.



  1. Definitely get a good surge suppressor because recently our treadmill wouldn't start and the mechanic I spoke to in January said it was probably an electric current spike. He said it happens all the time.

    Just the other day, one of our battery backups started to smoke. Turns out it was caused by an electric current spike. It was totally fried.

    BTW I don't think that Christmas tree is ugly at all. In fact, I'm willing to take it off their hands if they don't like it. I don't have any snowbanks to chill the Heineken, but I have a cold fridge :-)

  2. Yay, congrats on the treadmill! It's much better when you can watch something on TV or outside or listen to music while you're on a piece of exercise equipment. It goes a little faster.

  3. I think a treadmill is an excellent investment! Even more convenient than going out to the school as you used can walk in your jammies if you want to...for some reason. haha!
    Happy Tax-mas!

  4. tax mas?

    does that have something to do with income tax filing?

  5. Cube- I thought the same thing about the tree! It's a beauty if you ask me. =;]

    I looked all over town to find the right surge protector. But I found it and now its time to put it together. It requires two people of course...or I'd put it together myself. I want to use the darned thing.

    Tara- I do agree. When I walked in my gym, I'd put on my MP3 and away I would go, totally lost in the music. Before I knew it, it was time to stop.

    laura b.- You know what? I bet you I will walk in my jammies and even in my shorts and tank top. No more scaring the neighbors!

    billy pilgrim- Tax-Mas is a holiday that I invented for my kids back when it was just me and them and I was poor. Christmas stunk generally speaking. So I made up Tax-Mas... and used my tax refund to sort of finish what I could not do for Christmas that I wanted to do.

    It was such a nice holiday... guilt free and obligation free... that I've kept it even after the kids. Now I/we get ONE guilt free thing... each... that we would not normally feel we could treat ourselves to buying. The rest of our tax refund goes into bills and our savings. Since we pick out our "gifts" ourselves, its always the right size, color, etc. The date changes, so its always a fun surprise when it shows up.

  6. Congrats on Tax-Mas. Hope you and the man enjoy your new gifts. Happy walking and have a great weekend.

  7. We're self-employed, so basically, if we get a refund, then we overpaid throughout the year. This year, we owe. No Tax-Mas for us :-(

  8. congrats on the new treadmill, being safe and motivated are both important. i am glad tax-mas allows for such a nice treat for yourself.

  9. Shife- Why thank you! We spent much of today making ourselves crazy trying to assemble the treadmill. It is still unfinished. meh. Tomorrow I will walk on it. Then I will have a fantastic weekend.

    Cube- My dad had his own business. He hated tax time. I do hope you have a wonderful weekend if you can.

    lime- Thank you. I am so excited about it. Who knew it was a Chinese puzzle to assemble? Getting something this nice for Tax-Mas is rare for me. The man is indulgent, but then we are "new" and have no children at home. It will likely be our last Tax-Mas. Once I begin to work... we will not get money back.

  10. Ooh, I have often been tempted to buy a treadmill. I being to a gym now so I don't need one, but if I move or aren't a gym member at some point, I may well. I use a Bowflex Treadclimber at the gym that I really like.

    But also self-employed, so no Taxmas for me, either.