Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Okay... now that we have that straight.
(From many different places published and republished.)

Squeaky left last Monday.
Hopefully he will have his license soon...
despite the folk who ran the stop sign and tried to crash into us.
Squeaky did everything right!
I complimented him and he said it was pure panic mode...
no thinking involved.
I told him that was the way it was supposed to work!
You know what to do and then you do it automatically.

Of course we were slowing down as we neared my driveway...
and they ran the stop slowly.
Who does that?
It was as if the woman driver decided that crash or not...
she was just going to take us out at 1 MPH...
giving Squeaky time to hang a hard right to safety.
No matter... hopefully it gave Squeaky a feeling of being in control in emergency situations.

I miss Squeaky already.
It was fun having a boy in the house again.
We watched all of the first season of 
Game of Thrones
and all of the second season of
Boardwalk Empire.
Not to mention all of 
The Killing.
Sunday night we watched the season starters
of Game of Thrones and The Killing.
Very cool beans.

But you know how HBO is...
you watch like mad for a week and then you have
seen everything they have to offer for the month.
I'm truly enjoying their series shows.
I was blown away by the last season enders of
Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones.
Jimmy and Ned are gone!
I was not expecting that.
 Forgive me if I spoiled that for you.
I'm a bit blown away.

We ate too many pizzas and too much Chinese.
We had a popcorn fight.
He did his own laundry and the towels in the guest bathroom!
It was a great visit.

Then Monday I took him to the bus station.
We played "Find The Serial Killer"
with his co-passengers as choices.
It was hard to pick...
so many odd people that day.
Next thing I knew,
I was waving good-bye
and sniffling all the way home.

A couple of good things of note:
The man was hired on permanently at work.
The man complained to Comcast about some issues
we have been having and we got money knocked
off our monthly rate and 
HBO for free for 3 months.

Otherwise I would not be watching those series shows.
And that is how it is in my world these days.
What is up in yours?


  1. of course squeaky's doing fine with the driving, he's a man!

    free hbo, if that isn't nice what is.

  2. I don't blame Squeaky freaking out a bit...things like that happen and freak out even the most seasoned drivers.

  3. Yay Squeaky! And Yay to your husband as well!

  4. I guess he's still on the night shift? But great anyway. Get used to surprises with Game of Thrones. Someday I'll see these things - when I'm single living alone in my apartment with my cat and not going out. :-) How much did you have to pay that woman to fake the accident?

  5. billy pilgrim- He is indeed a man now. Hard for me not to keep thinking of him as a boy though. Free is always a nice price!

    silverthoughts2- It did indeed freak me out too! But more in a "this cannot be happening" way than a "danger!" sort of way. =:)

    Secret Agent Woman- I will second that on both counts!

    NoRegrets- Yes... endless night shift now. But income is a good thing and I can't be picky.
    I will watch with you in spirit when you have your own place.
    Ha! I might have done that if I'd thought of it. hee hee

  6. Awww, my eldest is home from Uni too, right now. Odd thing is, much as I miss him and enjoy (the first three weeks) when he's here, I'm kinda' keen for that fourth week to roll round, that I can wave him off to his plane again..(blush) Never got into Gane of Thrones, but I am still devouring The Soprano's every week - so who knows, five years down the line, I might find myself likewise raving about Game of Thrones?

  7. About 4 years ago, my boyfriend at the time bought a new car. We were both students, so we spent ages looking for one and settled for a twelve year-old Suzuki Swift, which was at the top end of his budget.
    The accident happened the first time I got in the driver's seat, a couple of hours after the buy. This was in Holland, where we've got the give-way-to-the-right rule but there were also signs telling me that the police car that was coming from the left had to give way. I saw the police car coming. I was still surprise when he rammed right into the flank of my boyfriend's car.
    I stopped in the middle of the road until the police officer came out of the car, at which point I shouted out of my window "what have you done?!? This is a brand new car!"

    What was I thinking, screaming at a police officer, and calling a 12-year-old car "brand new"? The answer is obvious - nothing. I think my panic mode was a hell of a lot worse than Squeaky's!

  8. Congrats to Squeaky for avoiding the crash! Must've been freaky for both of you, though! When I first learned how to drive, I used to get alarmed by people honking their horns, and I'd get all emotional. Horns are still annoying to me, but I usually get my venting out of the way in the car if I hear it directed towards me. It's very therapeutic. ;)

  9. Oh, and I love that you played "find the serial killer". My mom and I used to play "find the secret agent" whenever we were at the airport.. Fun for all! :)

    I tagged you for the next Saturday Scavenger Shot word!

  10. Good stuff! Way to go Squeaky! Sounds like he handled himself very well. Hopefully you guys will be able to get together again very soon. Way to go Silly Rabbit's Man! Getting on permantly must be a great relief.

  11. I don't know what happened to my comment...

  12. Shrinky- I used to be that way when summer break ended. Now, I miss them so when they are far from me. I love the Sopranos! But I think I've worn them out.

    Deborah- Oh no! Now that is panic. What a great story!

    Tara- I am a big believer in the power of venting in my car. What is said in the car... stays in the car. Find the serial killer was Squeaky's idea. But I loved it. I decided on the word "superstition".

    laura b.- He did. I was very proud of him. And steady work... yay! With health insurance again. Double yay!

    Cube- You have a terrible time with my blogger. I am so sorry about that because I love to have your comments. I get mad at blogger often. It drives me crazy. But I fear too that it happens when I use my laptop... which is old. I must remember to post using Hal, who just got a tune up. Anytime Squeaky is here, Hal gets TLC. But I am hoping to get a bran new lap top soon. Keep your fingers crossed and maybe all this nonsense will stop.

  13. I've been having trouble with my own blogger today. Earlier, it wouldn't let me upload a photo. It just keep freezing. I don't want to complain too much because it is a free service after all.