Friday, April 13, 2012


Welcome to another episode of 
Saturday Scavenger Shots!
The word this week...picked by little ol' me...
in honor of yesterday being Friday the 13th.
(A day that I actually consider to be generally lucky for me personally.)

So here we go!
I wanted to avoid the usual suspects;
four leaf clovers, broken mirrors, horse shoes and those 
awful, horrible, terrible, unwanted...
shiver, shiver, shiver...
silly rabbit's feet.

This is my lucky bamboo plant.
I've no idea what makes it an object of luck.
It is the only SUPERSTITIOUS object in my home.
It is my understanding that depending on how many
shoots are in the pot...
it is lucky in different ways.
This one is supposed to attract money.
I bought it because of the cute frogs on the pot.

According to the Carpenters...
the kiss at a wedding is for luck.
One of many wedding SUPERSTITIONS.
Something borrowed, something blue...

But I must say...
a fish was the last SUPERSTITIOUS item I 
expected to find in my search!
This poor little parrot fish has been given a laser
The symbols are rainbows, flowers or other lucky
They are called "fortune fish" or "Lucky Fish".
They look cute and they are pretty, 
but if I were a parrot fish, I do not think that I would
consider my tattoo a bit of good luck for me.

There we have it!
Another fun SSS post completed.
I do hope that you navigated Friday the 13th
with no sorrows to speak of...
mine was wonderful.
Now then...
Do tell!
Is there something that you are 
Any little lucky ritual you perform before you
bowl, bat, or play your lottery numbers?


  1. I really like the less usual symbols of luck you found for this post. I've never heard of fish with laser tattoos!
    I love your little bamboo plant...and its pot :)
    I am not a very superstitious person either, but come check out my post to see one little thing I do for "luck" :-D

  2. laura b.- Thank you. I had never seen those fish before either. I also love my little bamboo and it's pot. I used to have another matching pot that now lives with Max.

  3. Does the laser tattoo hurt the fish?

    I love lucky bamboo. Mostly because it will grow anywhere and tolerates a fair amount of neglect and lack of sunlight. I have one in the kitchen, one in the entry way, one in the bathroom, and one in my bedroom.

  4. Secret Agent Woman- I like the bamboo too... because it is hard for me to kill. Ha. I may take your lead and get more.

  5. Secret Agent Woman- I like the bamboo too... because it is hard for me to kill. Ha. I may take your lead and get more.