Saturday, June 22, 2013

I had a bright idea...

 I had a bright idea.

It was a simple idea really.
One I often have this time of year.
Add to my garden's evolution.

Those three masses of day lilies sit on one side of a "mound".
I was recently told by my MIL that said mound was made of loam.
"Rich, friable (crumbly) soil with nearly equal parts of sand and silt, and somewhat less clay."

It seemed easy enough to get in there and dig some holes in that rich crumbly soil.
Pop in some nice perennials and wha-lah!
Lovely flowers.

It seems that loam, 
when ignored for years under weed fabric
and bark dust...
bakes into a hard rocky adobe like material.

Naturally, I attacked it with my toy shovel.
 Yes, the kind of toy garden shovel you buy a six year old to use while helping in the garden.
I like them.
The handle is not too long...
I am short.
The area that a toy shovel digs out is the size of a 6" plant pot.
A shovel full of dirt is not very heavy.

I will not bore  you with the details of the day's effort.
5 holes were dug...
5 plants
(3 Shasta Daisy, 1 English lavender and 1 Coreopsis)
were successfully installed into the ground.
It took me 

There were some amusing moments. 

Recently Randy bought me two "Pocket Hoses".
These are a marvelous invention!
They expand in length as the hose fills.
Cool beans!
This not only amuses you to watch,
but makes for a nice, light weight hose.
I decided to help the soil loosen by setting up a sprinkler.
I unscrewed the nozzle and attached the little metal star shaped sprinkler head.
I carefully dropped the sprinkler upside down and ran to turn on the hose.

The hose did not expand the way it does with a nozzle.
Too little pressure.
I got my second hose and attached the 2 so that they would reach the area I needed watered.
Once more I dropped the sprinkler upside down and ran to turn on the water.

I hurried over to flip the sprinkler over and it went insane!
It was like holding onto a frantic snake that sprayed water.
By the time I got the darned thing on the ground where I wanted it...
I was soaked.

I was soaked again later when I needed to move it.

At least they helped to keep me cool as I amended the soil, 
weeded and shoveled bark dust around.

I am telling myself that I know Shasta Daisy 
and that these three little bunches
will indeed become lovely large plantings...
until they blend together for one large mass.
Right?  Right?
Tomorrow I have more to plant.
Another Lavender, 2 Blanket Flower, 4 Black Eyed Suzies
and a big Sweet William.
More of my "bright idea".

I will say this for gardening.
It is something I can lose myself in entirely.
Put on my MP3 and get lost as I pull or dig or snip.
Best of all...
at the end of my day,
I sleep like a rock and wake refreshed.

I got a sunburn too.
Haven't had one of those for a long time.
Fortunately I am one of the lucky who turn tan overnight.

I hope you all are having a great weekend.
The SSS posts made me hungry.
But then, most things do.



  1. Before you wonder why I did not turn on the hose after placing the sprinkler...
    The hoses did not expand long enough to reach until they began to fill. I think this might be the flaw in that bright idea.

  2. Ah, I was going to ask that very question. So other than that, do you like the hoses? I was looking at them in the store the other day.

    I feel happily worn out after a day of gardening, too.

    1. I do really like my hoses. I have a large double lot and hauling a regular hose that far can be a real pain. But these, even two together are feather light.

  3. i am so glad you got to dig in the dirt and have fun. your garden sounds like it will be gorgeous when all is said and done. i am glad the pocket hose is such a handy thing but i swear, i laugh like a 12 yr old boy every time i hear the name of it.

  4. You two are still not smoking, right? Not sure why I"m asking that now...

    Nice plants...

    1. Yes. We are not smoking. Me still from over a year ago. Randy since his stroke. He went back to puffing on a cigar a few times a day. About 2 cigars worth.

  5. I am short, too, so I love your shovel analogy. Unfortunately, I am very bad with plants, so my husband is the one who plants things that we want to live. We currently have tomatoes, grapes, plantains, and a beautiful little pineapple.

    BTW I was curious about those hoses on TV. Thanks for the report.

    1. We can't grow plantains or little pineapples outside here. In fact, I have never eaten a plantain! But I have always wanted to try one.

      There was a time when X would say to the kids (about the plants I had just purchased ) "Put the victims in the back of the car." I find that I can grow plants that tolerate me. =;]

    2. If plants had feet, they'd run away if they saw me coming. I'm terrible with them. I've even killed cacti that didn't need much care at all.

      BTW fried green plantains are delicious, but so are ripe ones. It just depends on your mood. Sweet or savory.

  6. Hello, madam,
    I arrived here after visiting Mr Pilgrim's home.
    Please don't take this to be an inappropriate comment, but you would't happen to know any fellow pig farmers would you? If so, could you be so kind as to inform me as to where I will find them?

    Thanking you in advance, and may I wish a good day to you.

    Farmer Giles, always glad to help.

    1. Hello Farmer Giles! As a matter of fact, I come from pig farmers in Nebraska. At least my father did on his father's side of the family. Near as I know my Great Uncle Ewald raises them to his dying day and so do his boys, now old men, raise them still.

      Good day to you Farmer Giles. Thank you for stopping in!

  7. i've seen those pocket hoses on tv but you tosevites are always bringing new products to market without proper testing so i'm very leery.

  8. billy- Those of the Race are a suspicious bunch. But then, after the introduction of ginger, I suppose you had every reason to question our ways.
    My regards to FLeetlord Atvar.

  9. Your garden is lovely and only going to get better with all those additions! It is hard work, but I do sometimes miss having a place to dig around.
    Does Roxy like to help garden?

    1. Thank you laura b.! As a matter of fact, Roxie loves to DIG. Unfortunately not where I want her to or when.

      She is particularly fond of digging holes about 6 inches around, but too shallow for my needs. She likes to put rocks she finds in them. Kind of a "rock" garden I suppose. =;]

      They also do a great job of tripping and twisting ankles and feet. If I could command her to dig on cue, we would make an awesome pair of gardeners!

  10. Looking good, silly rabbit. I wish I had a green thumb but that is definitely not one of my skills. Hope all is well and you have a great weekend.

  11. Greetings silly rabbit. Have a super weekend.